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   Chapter 400 A Strong Ability To Absorb

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7787

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Entirely out of the blue, Austin met his old enemy Roger who was the principal disciple of Sun Sect, in the battle ring. Their intense hatred for each other was evoked all over again and old bruises were opened. The battle gained immense importance for each other. It became a matter of life and death.

However, to Austin's surprise, Roger's Wildfire Spear Skill had reached the Minor Achievement Stage, and he had also achieved a level 7 spear intent. Roger was a much more formidable opponent than before.

Austin's level seven sword intent was suppressed by Roger's level seven spear intent, because the Wildfire Spear Skill which Roger used was a 5th grade skill, higher than the sword skill Austin used.

"Austin, you fled away from death three years ago because of nothing but luck. This time, fate will be on my side. I hope you're ready to die today."

Roger felt it in his bones that he was going to come out victorious this time.

The look in his eyes became vicious. "Wildfire Spear attack!" He shouted.

The spear that Roger had firmly clasped ejected thousands of purple wildfires. They were the size of a palm and they huddled together like a dense swarm of locusts. Each of the purple wildfire was the heat of the sun packed in a small space. They could burn anything to ashes within seconds.

All the purple wildfires, together, exponentially increased the temperature of the space to a thousand degrees. The moisture in the atmosphere evaporated. The heat flare made sight almost impossible. Austin could just make out the dim outline of Roger and his swarm of purple wildfires.

"Ha ha ha, Austin! This is the fiercest attack in my techniques. I have kept this skill aside especially for you. It's actually your pleasure to turn to dust under my most powerful attack." Roger mocked.

The thick palm-size purple wildfires occupied the space around Austin, suffocating him. The fearsome high temperature created by the level 7 spear intent overwhelmed Austin. He didn't have a defense ready. The wildfire seemed to have the ability to burn down the sky. There was no way Austin could come out of this alive.

It seemed that Austin was standing in a sea of fire, surrounded by blazing mountains on all sides. Austin's entire body was shaking. It was only going to be a matter of minutes till

ained. Without the support of masculine energy, spear intent was essentially useless.

"Ha-ha, Braxton!" It was Austin's turn to mock, this time. "I was superior to you three years ago, and now I'm still better than you.

For me, you are simply a grasshopper at the end of autumn—nearing its end.

I have spared you long enough, but now you are going to pay for what you and your grandfather have done to me. I haven't forgotten those injustices!

You're dying today, you bastard. Then, I'll find the old dog Jaime and tear him apart."

Austin's eyes were fixed intently on Braxton. They were burning with vengeance.

Braxton however knew his time was up. The momentum of spear had weakened. It wouldn't cause even a little harm to Austin.

Austin took the light ball back to his elixir field. Using the Wind-commanding Skill and leaving behind a ghost of shadow, he scurried in front of Braxton instantly.

Braxton though had a solid cultivation base and had sensed Austin's movements immediately.

"You're looking for death," Braxton whispered.

He roared as he performed the Wildfire Spear Skill with his long spear in his hand regardless of all consequences. But the momentum of his spear was not strong enough to have any impact. Instead, its effect was half of what it previously was.

He could not perform a full-fledged attack with that skill again. All of this was because of the light ball absorbing all the purple wildfires. That skill was taxing on Braxton's body and he couldn't do his best this time.

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