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   Chapter 399 Level 7 Sword Intent VS Level 7 Spear Intent

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Austin faced off Braxton—the principal disciple of Sun Sect. The two had a grim past with each other which bore a deep hatred that had lasted till this day, thus, they both wanted each other dead.

Braxton's favorite weapon was a long spear, and he had already mastered the level 7 spear intent. In order to intimidate Austin and show-off his skills, he proudly displayed the Wildfire Spear Skill, and a blazing wild fire suddenly enveloped the whole battle ring. The flame spread so fast like a very dry forest suddenly set on fire.

The flames were so hot that the solid ground of the battle ring started cracking in some areas, which looked like a field that had suffered from a long time drought.

Austin was astonished at Braxton's cultivation base.

Back then they were both outer disciples, and Austin had always overpowered Braxton. He wasn't expecting that Braxton would make such a big breakthrough and had improved so much both in martial skill and the level of power only within the span of three years. It was truly unbelievable.

He speculated that the leaders of Sun Sect had invested a lot in Braxton. They might have trained him to death and taught him many skills. And he had been exposed to different real life experiences which contributed to his cultivation.

For a cultivator, apart from talent and diligence, resources, luck and unusual real life experiences were also important for one's cultivation. Honestly, most of the cultivators went through different experiences which helped them grow and improve their cultivation base.

Austin instantly activated the level 7 sword intent, which formed an invisible dome of sword aura shielding him from the blazing inferno.

But the purple wild fire Braxton had released was aggressively powerful and overwhelming, Austin's shield might not last long against its strong intent of destruction.

This stunned Austin beyond belief.

It had never occurred to him that the skill Braxton had exerted would be so powerful. He could feel that the wild fire was quite overwhelming.

The protective dome formed by the sword aura started then to bend and twist, like a bubble being blown away, and it was about to be broken.

'Level 7 sword intent vs level 7 spear intent, ' Austin thought. He realized that the sword intent he released was slowly being controlled and overpowered by the spear intent so easily as if it was nothing.

Obviously the Wildfire Spear Skill Braxton had displayed was incredible, and it seemed to be more powerful than the Illusory Swordsmanship Austin had practiced. It was like comparing a hill from a mountain, and the difference was quite large.

'Looks like the martial arts skills have an influence on a cultivator's battle force, ' Austin instantly concluded.

"Go to hell Austin! You'll be burned to ashes soon!" Braxton shouted, his face contorting in anger and pride.

His spear then suddenly released shadows, and the whole battle ring was instantly filled with spear shadows. They were like demons spirits roaming around.

"Spear Shadow Skill!"

The purple fire together with spear shadows simultaneously struck the dome that Austin had a

hat this lad was worthy and strong enough to be Leo's opponent. With his skills, he might actually stand a chance against the monster.

.. .

"Austin is such an interesting person.

Even I can't see through him and foresee his next moves.

Although he is at a disadvantage, he is still acting so calm as if Braxton's attack was nothing. He doesn't look like a loser. Instead, he looks quite confident.

It looks like this brat will not lose the game,"

the emperor remarked abruptly, amusement in his tone.

"Just look at him. He is so composed and calm, like an unperturbed body of water. He has the manner and character of a true leader."

Austin was still fighting with Braxton then.

Braxton started another series of attacks at Austin, not even giving Austin the chance to counterattack him.

He activated the spear intent, and spear shadows appeared. Purple lava suddenly gushed out, turning the battle ring into a purple sea. It swallowed the entire place that nothing could surely escape from it.

The dome Austin had used to protect himself was already full of holes. Purple lava had already started to trickle inside.

"Fine. I admit that his fifth-grade spear skill is more powerful than my fourth-grade Illusory Swordsmanship.

Besides, I haven't mastered all of its sword techniques yet. But Braxton already reached the Minor Achievement Stage in his spear skill. Our skill levels are really at a different league.

And anyway, I just recently grasped the level 7 sword intent the other day. I'm not exactly good at it yet. It may still take practice before I can fully use it.

But Braxton seems to be able to use the level 7 spear intent so easily and skillfully.

Facing his spear intent, my sword intent alone is not enough. My sword intent couldn't attack at all; it can only protect me. I can't beat that guy with sword techniques and sword intent. Well I have no choice but to change tactics here. Might as well surprise this guy and give him what he deserves.

I'm going to kick his ass with my physical strength," Austin analyzed confidently.

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