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   Chapter 397 Meeting The Old Enemy

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7540

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A large number of powerful contestants had emerged in the second round of the first single elimination of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

Among them, Dewey could turn into a human flesh ball and crush the opponent into blood fog.

A handsome young man could kill his opponent with an elusive knife.

A strange man could knock his opponent unconscious with just a look. . .

The emergence of these strong players not only left a deep impression on the audience but also increased the pressure on the contestants. The competition for the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games this time was even fiercer. It was by no means easy for all the contestants to stand out and try to win.

This round came to an end and

another hundred young contestants were eliminated.

In the next few rounds, too, there were some impressive strong players emerging.

After several hours' fierce competition, the first single elimination match finally came to an end.

More than 1, 400 young contestants had participated, and almost half of them had been eliminated.

"Dear outstanding young men! Congratulations to you all on entering the next round of selective trials.

This round will be a competition to showcase your martial arts skills.

You have an hour off, after which, the next round will start,"

the old eunuch said with a smile.

He paused and added, "From this round, the rule of avoidance of the players belonging to the same prince will be lifted. That is to say, in the second round, your opponent may be someone belonging to the same camp as you!"

As Austin listened to the eunuch, his spiritual sense felt two sets of vicious eyes lock on him.

Michael and Philip. Austin knew that these two men held a strong grudge against him. If he met them on the arena, they would certainly try to kill him.

But Austin was not afraid of them. If he met them in battle, he would spare no effort to kill them. He would never be lenient to his enemies.

"Tin, I know that your most powerful attack was from your body and your footwork that's as fast as lightning. Besides these, what other unique skills do you have?"

Dewey came up to Austin and whispered to him. It was obvious that he was afraid of meeting Austin i

humiliate himself!'

Braxton thought, his face growing colder and colder.

He originally had wanted to play tricks on Austin, like a cat catching a mouse. He had wanted to slowly torture Austin to death and have some fun.

But now, Austin's murderous spirit provoked him into a flying rage.

"Okay! I'm not going to play tricks with you! Let's make it quick! I've just watched your game. Your physical strength is strong enough to defeat many contestants.

But you can't defeat me!"

As Braxton spoke, he broke out all his spear intent!

There were ripples in the air behind him, a few acres of vital energy exploding and turning into thousands of palm-sized purple flames and burning in the air. The ring was scorched and distorted, turbulence wrecking the air.

Braxton held his spear with one hand. The long spear was more than a meter long, the tip of it pointing directly at Austin. Numerous purple flames began to rush to the tip of the spear. There was a black hole emerging at the tip of the spear that absorbed the countless purple fires. Braxton was obviously preparing for a powerful attack.

Level 7 spear intent! "Wildfire Spear Skill!"

Suddenly, the black hole at the tip of the spear exploded and boundless purple wildfire spread quickly on the battle ring. The fire engulfed the whole arena with a force as if that could burn down mountains and boil the sea. The battle ring was bursting with flames! All people could see was purple wildfire everywhere.

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