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   Chapter 397 Play Dumb To Take Advantage Of Someone

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Dewey's opponent in the battle ring was a tall, thin talent whose eyes were sharp as an eagle's and palm skills extraordinary.

Dewey put up a fearful and flattering appearance for his opponent, sending the audience into bursts of laughter.

His opponent couldn't help but laugh either.

"Well, well, well. I never expected my first opponent to be trash, just like a pig. Alright. If you want me to spare you, you need to go down on your knees and beg for my mercy. I might spare your life when I'm in a good mood. Hahaha!"

The tall, thin young man was cocky and felt superior to everyone else, treating Dewey with what he thought was mercy.

"Damn it! Is Dewey really that weak? Or he is just playing dumb?"

Austin was curious about Dewey's attitude towards the young man.

What was it about Dewey?

Austin had released his spiritual sense and suddenly, he sensed the craftiness that had crept into Dewey's eyes.

Was it what he thought it was?

Suddenly, Dewey contracted his chunky body and turned himself into a meatball, releasing a pressure that seemed to be quite dangerous. He bounced up towards the tall, thin young man like lightning.

The young man had taken his concentration off Dewey for quite a while now. He had thought that he could ravage the fat, short wretch in front of him pretty easily. What he had not expected was the sudden attack that Dewey was staging on him.

Dewey's meatball self seemed to have great elasticity and an amazing speed. Within seconds, Dewey was almost in the young man's face.


The tall, thin young man seemed to realize that he had been tricked by the fat man.

He roared. There was no time left for him to just make gestures. As a conditioned reflex, his hands came up before him, blocking his body from harm.


The battle ring shook fiercely. The power contained in the meatball was powerful enough that Dewey had managed to pulverize the young man with a single attack. There was no sign of the young man, except for some bloody fog.


Dewey's counterattack had shocked the audience into paying close attention to the battle ring.

The fat guy turned out to be just playing dumb.

Each eye that was on Dewey turned solemn and respectful, erasing their earlier disdain and mockery. Everyone was now reevaluating Dewey's true strength.

After winning the competition, Dewey jumped out of the battle ring and returned to Prince Reuben's team. He stood beside Austin with a silly smile on his face.

"Dewey, you're so fierce!"

The more Austin looked at Dewey, the more wretched he thought Dewey was. And he kep

n was shocked at what the boy had done and how he had done it. Doubt reared his head in his mind, because he hadn't clearly seen how the boy had thrown his flying knife.

He'd been incredibly fast.

If he hadn't seen it with his eyes, how could he have avoided the attack?

All the young cultivators were now in fearful, doubtful awe of the boy and prayed inwardly not to fight with him in the next stage of the competition. . . .

On Battle Ring no. 32.

A monstrous man stood straight, a flaming cloak covering his body. He had to be about 23 years old.

He had an evil-looking tattoo of a scorpion on his forehead.

His opponent was a principal disciple of the Joy Gang, one who was in high fighting spirits.

The evil man didn't have to do much. He merely looked at the principal disciple, who immediately paled in panic.

"Leave me alone, leave me alone!"

the principal disciple cried out, uttering complete nonsense by the minute.

The evil man shook his head and left the battle ring, leaving the audience shocked and amazed.

What?. .

No one moved but it's over?

The principal disciple of the Joy Gang had no chance to counterattack?

Everyone was looking at the battle ring, perplexed.

Then, with a big bang, the principal disciple of the Joy Gang lost consciousness.


What kind of a skill was it? He defeated his opponent with a single glance!

That was so incredible!

The cultivators gathering around had gone completely crazy, unable to understand how it had all happened.

But Austin had realized that the evil man had used the attack of his spiritual sense power.

Moreover, he had used not only his spiritual sense, but also illusion, just like Violet had cultivated.

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