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   Chapter 396 Dewey's Time To Fight

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Indisputably Emperor Arthur's cultivation base was far more superior, even one level higher than the Mysterious Realm. He needed merely one glance at Austin to assess his actual strength.

"Well, Theon, Austin is a rare talent. It is a pity that you could not retain him as part of the Sun Sect. What a shame!" The emperor said with a mark of regret on his face.

"Uh... ..."

Theon was listening to the emperor's words with complete reverence towards the emperor though he could feel an explosion of emotions in his mind.

"Oh, also," Emperor Arthur paused for a moment, and remarked. "Is it true that there is a seething hostility between Austin and the Flaming Sun Valley?

He ripped their bodies apart with his savage punches. Such aggressiveness would not have been possible if there were no grudges."

The head of Flaming Sun Valley could no longer hold back.

"Your Majesty, Austin is a vicious and cruel cultivator.

No one from Flaming Sun Valley has ever offended him in any way, and yet he murdered the grandson of our Chief Elder.

He killed more than a dozen of disciples from Flaming Sun Valley too.

This is the reason why the Flaming Sun Valley regards Austin as an enemy.

It is obvious that Austin's ferociousness or his love of killing has nothing to do with hatred, but his nature.

In the future, this man will certainly conduct more of such evil deeds. We as the righteous men should not tolerate it."

Unexpectedly, Emperor Arthur with a strange shimmer in his eyes as he reciprocated to the head of Flaming Sun Valley, "You must have heard the saying 'One general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers'. With his kind of temperament and if he doesn't die in the next 10 years, he is bound to become a great hero of this generation."

With Austin violently killing Shawn, the first 100 games of the first round ended.

In the first round, a total of 200 people participated and eventually 100 people were eliminated. The remaining 100 contestants were qualified to enter the second round.

The old eunuch announced, "The remaining 100 qualifying contestants please go back to the formation to which you belong, and take rest.

Please wait until the first round is over and the second round begins.

The contestants who have been eliminated from the competition can now leave the arena or stay in the audience and watch the rest of the game."

Austin walked back to the formation that he belonged to with the sound of the announcement echoing at his back.

As soon as he returned, Dewey welcomed him immediately, "Tin, your game is always exciting to watch! And of course very inspiring!"


Dewey's opponent was a tall, thin and eagle-eyed young man whose most striking feature was his big hands.

His palm was three or four times larger than the average person. His whole body was burnished with glaze, and his entire palm was almost transparent. Crystal clear, free of impurities.

With his spiritual sense, Austin immediately made the judgment that this was the appearance of a person who had practiced the palm fighting skill to a very high level.

When this young man marked Dewey's fat and short stature in a demeaning manner and when his eyes fell on Dewey's smiling face, he couldn't help but scorn at Dewey with a completely menacing expression!

He put his left palm behind his back and stretched the right one as he addressed Dewey, "Kid, remember when I kill

I only use one hand. And so far, only seven of my peers have been able to force me to use the left hand."

During his speech, the boundless palm intent completely broke out over the battle ring. The palm shadows overlapped as if the ring was surrounded by mountains, wandering and floating, creating a majestic atmosphere.

"Oh, really? You... You... Hey, I'm telling you, dude, there is no need to scare me so much, all right?

Ha-ha... I mean... Let's make peace between us first.

I'm Dewey. Nice to meet you!"

Dewey introduced himself and smiled in a silly manner. His hands formed an arch in a funny movement. His attitude took his opponent by surprise but he was far from being amused.

"Ha-ha, everybody, look, the fat man on the 75th ring is such a clown!"

The audience burst into a roaring laughter.

"Hey fat man! Surrender! Concede at the very beginning so that you don't get beaten up! "

Some people from the audience even whistled and passed jokes.

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