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   Chapter 395 That Was Way Too Cruel

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In the battle with Shawn who was a disciple from the Flaming Sun Valley, Austin had faced absolutely nothing challenging. It was a cakewalk for him. However, Austin was in the mood for experimenting, and hence intentionally bought some time. He didn't want to end the battle early because he intended to test his cultivation achievements.

Austin changed his attacking skill from level 7 sword intent to the Wind-commanding Skill. Whoosh! Like a lightning, he rushed towards Shawn in an instant and struck him in a flash.

Shawn had been suppressed by Austin's sword intent when the battle had begun, and was already intimidated by Austin.

The change of tactics and Austin's instantaneous attack made it impossible for Shawn to respond.

"Go to hell!" Austin shouted in anger.

At the same time Austin hit Shawn with an overwhelming force.

"Huh?" Austin exclaimed. What had transpired after Austin's attack surprised him.

Shawn had merely stepped back, regaining his footing after that heavy blow by Austin. However, he was completely unharmed. Austin was taken aback.

"How could this be?" Austin asked himself.

Austin had punched Shawn with a force of ten thousand pounds. For an outsider, he might not know the implications of this for there was no way for him to know the power of the blow. Austin was aghast at how tough Shawn's body might be to endure such a hit.

It took the experienced Austin a few seconds to realize why Shawn was still standing.

As soon as Austin had hit him, all of Shawn's clothes had been torn—only a few rags still sticking to his body. However, it was what the clothes were concealing and that was the reason for Shawn's lack of injury.

It turned out that Shawn was wearing a Guardian Armor.

The Guardian Armor sparkled in the sun, radiating a gloomy blue light. Obviously, it was not an ordinary object. Its grade was at least equivalent to that of a high-grade spiritual weapon's.

Shawn's body still obviously had some repercussions. He felt his head dizzy and the blood in his veins pumping furiously. However, Shawn was glad he was still standing strong.

"Ha ha ha, Austin!" Shawn laughed mockingly. "I agree that you are a stalwart. You are stronger than me not only in the sword intent, but also in physical strength.

But it seems that you can't kill me.

This blue Guardian Armor is my family's heirloom. I will never part with it. And I am sure as hell going to keep wearing this throughout the competition.

So, Austin, I can't beat you. But, you can't beat me either. What a standoff we are at!

This can go on forever. But you and I both know this is going to end in a draw." Shawn laughed again

d end him."

"What? Are you serious?

Do you mean that Austin has offended both the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Wolf Team? These are the two major forces in the country. I don't think he's got long to live.

How dare he offend both of them? It's impossible!

Unless one is an idiot, nobody would offend these two giants."

"So you don't believe me, huh?

I have a good friend and he is a disciple of the Flaming Sun Valley. I know all of this from him. During our conversation, he had also showed me Austin's portrait, telling me that if anyone found Austin and immediately reported his address to the Flaming Sun Valley, he would receive a generous bounty from the Flaming Sun Valley.

I promise you it is perfectly true. Austin is their enemy!"

Many people in the audience, after hearing this conversation burst out into a chitchat about Austin.

Austin hadn't expected to draw such great attention in his first battle itself.

If he had known the consequences, he would have immediately gotten over with Shawn.

There was no need for him to be so violent that he was now the center of all attention.

He felt quite helpless and regretful. Emperor Arthur who had also watched the fight was pleased by Austin's performance. He smiled and said, "That young man Austin! His way of fighting is fascinating.

He's a spectacle to watch.

He used the sword intent to suppress his opponent first, He used the sword intent to suppress his opponent first, and then brutally killed him. What an entertainer! His skill of sword intent was deft. He also looked like a cultivator who had refined his body strength. It seems that his level of body refining is unmatched as well.

I estimate that his current physical strength must be close to 15, 000 pounds."

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