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   Chapter 394 Genius

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The two hundred contenders immediately engaged in heated battle the moment the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games started.

Leo of the Peripatetic Sect reduced the principal disciple of the Sun Sect to dust with one punch. It was so powerful that even his soul was completely destroyed. The audience roared in awe of Leo's strength.

The leader of the Peripatetic Sect held his head high, proud of his disciple. He praised Leo extensively. On the contrary, Theon, the leader of the Sun Sect, watched over the proceedings with stern disappointment. Disappointment was written on his face.

Still, even he had to admit that Leo was stronger than his disciple.

All he could do was to shake his head with resignation.

In the other battle rings...

"Freeze!" cried one of the contenders.

A strong disciple named Michael sent by Prince Reuben was battling with an elegant dame.

While most men would have grown soft, Michael was unfazed by her beauty. He was indifferent to her appeal and was even consumed by severe coldness. With his powers, he summoned a blizzard to cover his opponent with snow. The woman struggled but eventually turned motionless as ice engulfed her. All her vital energy was left unusable putting all her special skills to waste.

Realizing that her chances were quickly slimming, she crushed the number plate in her hand just in time, getting herself out of the battle ring immediately, and sparing herself from the shame of slow defeat.

"Lie down!"

Braxton, the principal disciple of Sun Sect, called out, collecting the power of heaven and earth with one massive punch. As his vital energy burst out of him, a hundred stars appeared and came shooting down on his opponent, quickly ending the life of the young cultivator.

"It's lucky that we still have some principal disciples who could win. Otherwise, it will be such a huge disgrace for our sect," Theon, the Leader of Sun Sect, remarked. He was relieved to find chances to redeem their reputation in the formidable fighters from the Sun Sect.

In another battle ring...


A principal disciple of Flaming Sun Valley threw a huge punch with a fist covered in hot, massive flames. The young woman's clothes immediately burned, exposing her tender breasts. Blood gushed from her mouth and in a few seconds, she was dead.

It was such a humiliating way to be killed in battle.

"God damn! What a nice body! That's as rare as a white tiger! Aw, man

d make a move.

He knew that as if he did, he would be kicked back violently! His sword intent had been dejected! Now, he had almost no will to fight. His confidence was obliterated.

Austin continued to pressure Shawn.

He had complete control of the situation. With one punch, Shawn knew that Austin could end him once and for all.

Level 7 sword intent covered the battle ring as if it were a mantle of protection that lay gently on the world. Shawn's cultivation base was not strong enough to break such a setup.

But, Austin didn't rush to make any move. He took his sweet time.

Ever since he comprehended level 7 sword intent, he hadn't had the chance to use it well. Now that he was in a real battle, he was determined to make the most of the opportunity to gain experience, master it, and learn how to use it to beat his opponent.

Austin knew that comprehending level 7 sword intent is one thing. But to be able to fully maximize its power and use it to his advantage was another. He needed practice.

So, Austin started to play with Shawn as if he were a cat playing a mouse. He used his level 7 sword intent to suppress Shawn while he assessed how level 7 sword intent worked.

In just a few minutes, Austin already managed to force Shawn to go from one side of the battle ring to another. The latter was sweating like a pig. His sweat dripped as if he were completely submerged in a huge lake.

'Well, I have completely suppressed him in terms of sword intent.

Now, let me try my flesh power. How powerful is stage five of Overlord Body-refining Formula? It's show time.' Austin said to himself.

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