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   Chapter 393 A Fierce Battle

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6948

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As the tournament was about to begin, more and more audience members had started talking excitedly about the contestants.

Not only the common people, but even the emperor, high-ranking officials and leaders of the five biggest sects were engaged in heated discussion.

"Your Highness, my disciple, Leo, has gained much fame in the imperial capital city. I bet he will be the winner of this game," the leader of Peripatetic Sect said as he bowed to the emperor.

"I see. As far as I observe, Leo reached the premium stage of Earth Realm. I even sensed the density of the vital energy force in his body. I think he is as good as the cultivators at the Mysterious Realm. He's really something," the emperor responded with a nod.

"Oh, I don't think so," the leader of Flaming Sun Valley cut in.

It was widely known that he held an intense grudge against the leader of Peripatetic Sect. He continued, "It's true that Leo is at a high vital energy level. But as far as I can see, he's after fame and money. I don't think he can focus on anything, let alone cultivating. If this doesn't change, he'll never win a high achievement.

While he may receive prestige from others, I think he'll soon be replaced by someone who is more powerful than him.

Arthur Han is from our sect. He is keen on cultivating and aspires to be the best of the best. He's also at the premium stage of Earth Realm and close to making a breakthrough into the Mysterious Realm. Perhaps he will reach the Mysterious Realm during this contest."

The leader of Peripatetic Sect snorted and replied sternly, "Who knows whether you're bragging or not. Leo deserves his reputation and has never pursued it.

On the contrary, while Arthur focuses on cultivating, I've heard that he also takes lots of elixirs to aid him. He gained his current cultivation base because of those pills and I don't think it's a wise way to cultivate. Too many elixirs might have side effects on him.

If his opponent is Leo, he will definitely lose!"

"Come on, dear courtiers, stop arguing with each other. Th

hen they were outer disciples. Later, he got promoted and became the principal disciple due to his good performance.

Above Leo's head appeared nine bloody fists, each with a twisted demon face on it. Instantly, the area turned into a hell of blood. With his legs trembling violently, Leo's opponent was engulfed in an overwhelming panic and completely lost the urge to fight.

"Go to hell!" Leo said viciously. His eyes were bloodthirsty as the nine bloody fists continued to hover over his head.

As one of the fists moved forward, the demon on it widened its evil eyes, which showed the hellish scenes of the sea of blood.

"Nine-demon Bloody Fist!" Leo shouted.

The shadow of scarlet fist darted at its target, and its demon face howled fiercely, hungry for humans.

The principal disciple of Sun Sect was so disturbed that he forgot to smash his number plate.


He suddenly turned to ash and even his souls were ruined.

He died on the spot.

"Wow! That's incredible! Leo's opponent was a principal disciple from the Sun Sect. He was at the medium stage of Earth Realm, but he was killed without fighting back. He is no match for Leo. Leo Lv is amazing!"

The audience members started to whisper amongst themselves.

"Leo Lv from Peripatetic Sect is excellent," the emperor mumbled to himself, as he gazed out over the battle rings.

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