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   Chapter 392 Enemies Always Meet In A Narrow Alley

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Austin seemed to be calm while facing the hostility from both the Flaming Sun Valley disciples and Blood Wolf Team disciples. Not even a single line on his face moved.

He just gave them a quick gaze to gauge them and thought, 'These people would show no mercy on me if they participate in the contest and compete with me. That's too obvious with how they look at me.

However, I'll show them no mercy as well. I need to put my strategy into action before that even happens. Kill everyone from the Flaming Sun Valley and the Blood Team without mercy!'

"I don't want to compete with you in the contest, Austin. However, joining it is my sincerest wish since I was born. I hope both of us can enter the top fifty," said Maria with a grin. She was standing just next to Austin. Frankly, she didn't know anything about Austin's level of martial arts. Nonetheless, she believed that this man could be a very dangerous opponent whom she would never win against.

"Tin, be nice to me if we see each other in the contest. Don't kick my ass. I don't want to lose the game in such a humiliating way!"

Dewey cut in jokingly.

The Outstanding Talents Exchange Games started as soon as all participants got their number plates through draw lots.

A hundred of platforms were set for the martial arts contest. Thus, two hundred participants could compete with their opponents at the same time.

"Well, well, well... Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please! Kindly look at the plates in your hands and check the numbers carefully. If your number is within one to one hundred, then it is the time for you to fight!

You will soon feel a transmission power once the number is shown on your plate. After that, you will be immediately sent to the platform designated for you and your opponent.

There's no need to waste any time. So let the game begin!"

The eunuch who had announced the rules for the contest yelled in a high-pitched tone.

A loud flashing sound came after and with that sound, different numbers appeared on the plates held by the youth. A white light engulfed them and in a blink of an eye, they were all transferred to their respective platform.

Austin's eyes swept aside and saw number thirty on Maria's plate. With a white flash of light, Maria disappeared from Austin's side and suddenly appeared on Platform No. 30.

Her opponent was a young man who instantly gave her a gaze with a filthy expression. His eyes lit with fire as soon as they were fixed on her, his mouth subconsciously opened and dripped saliva like a starving man before a scrumptious meal. Without a trace of embarrassment, he finally set his lecherous eyes on her inviting breasts.

"Disgusting beast!"

Never had Maria expected such a low-life as her first opponent. She felt sick at his ugly face,

Mysterious Realm cultivation base without a doubt.

Once those young warriors with a premium stage of Earth Realm cultivation base refine their martial arts to the stage of Mysterious Realm, all elders with a Mysterious Realm level will have to face challenges from those younger warriors. They might not find their places by then."

"Fair enough. Those talented disciples are really excellent."

"Well, according to my observation, plenty of the talented disciples have actually achieved breakthroughs leading to the Mysterious Realm cultivation base. They're capable and have a strong base for it.

I also noticed that among all the talented disciples, Leo and Cynthia from the Peripatetic Sect, Garret from the Flaming Sun Valley, Caden from the Bloody Hero Gang, Danny from the Joy Gang, Braxton from the Sun Sect, and Wilson from the Blood Wolf Team are the most excellent ones. I'm pretty sure that three of them would enter the top three ranks."

"Hey, dude! That's your perspective. All the young warriors you mentioned are outstanding disciples from various major sects who have earned themselves reputations in the martial arts world recently. However, I'm seeing this thing differently. Who knows whether there are some low-profiled guys within the competition who are more capable? Just wait and see, dude. Some of the competitors might just be waiting for their chance to show their powers."

"Of course, that might happen. All participants must know that possibility. Everyone should be careful from wildcards like that and be prepared. Unexpected winners were not uncommon in previous games in each year.

But I don't think the same will happen in this year's game since the disparity between the strong disciples and the weak disciples are too obvious. There will be no dark horse this year!"

"Oh, really? Are you sure about that?" ...

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