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   Chapter 391 Take A Number Plate

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Inside the royal palace, Emperor Arthur encouraged the participants as he usually did and then ordered them to go into the Imperial Warfare Field.

"Attention, please. The Imperial Warfare Field is ten miles away from the eastern suburbs of the imperial capital city.

There is a teleportation array inside the palace. You will be directly teleported there. Please brace yourselves," Randy announced.

The next moment, in the blink of an eye, he threw some vital energy force into the air. The space over him was immediately torn open and out of nowhere, inside the palace, appeared a door. About three meters long and five meters wide. Dazzling pieces of space floated like light feathers and gleamed in the surrounding air.

A teleportation array was a magic space array, through which, one could break through space and get to the opposite side which had already been set up.

For cultivators, teleportation arrays were seldom to be seen inside Violet Orchid Empire. They hadn't expected to see one inside the palace.

Everyone was staring curiously at the magic array Randy had conjured up in seconds.

Austin thought in admiration, 'The empire must have a lot of money and enormous talents on its side. In the Sun Sect, there is an Energy-gathering Array. It's a great array but the gap between these two arrays is enormous.

The teleportation array can break through space. It's impossible for a sect to make a teleportation array because it not only costs a hell lot of money but also requires extremely talented array experts.'

Then Emperor Arthur entered the teleportation array first and others on the scene followed him.

The Imperial Warfare Field wasn't used unless there were national events. Usually, it was forbidden for anyone to enter the area.

When the cultivators came in, they found that it was a big and beautiful place.

The surrounding mountains were covered with green luxuriant vegetation, the sky was a clear blue, various flowers were in full bloom everywhere and a fresh scent of trees, grass and flowers was floating around. It was spring in there.

The gentle breeze felt like the touch of one's first love.

All the people who were in the palace and went through the door of the teleportation array were really surprised to see that the Imperial Warfare Field was such a warm and beautiful place.

It was so big that it stretched as far as they could see. Inside, stood exactly one hundred battle rings; no more and no less. Each of the battle rings was several hundred thousand square meters. Even a horse could run happily inside it and get tired.

'Gee, one hundred battle rings. What a spectacular scenery! That is a generous amount

icipants. They must have been disciples from the Flaming Sun Valley too.

They were looking at him maliciously as if they would start a fight with him as soon as Garret Han gave the order.

One disciple murmured, "Garret Han, is this the bastard who killed Raymond, grandson of Chief Elder Dwayne, and also our principal disciple Augustine?

I have heard that the Elders had sent some powerful disciples to hunt him, but he succeeded in his escape. The net of heaven has large meshes, but it lets nothing through. It's an unexpected surprise to see him in the Exchange Games.

He is the enemy to every disciple of the Flaming Sun Valley!

On the battle rings, not one of us will tolerate him and we will make him suffer before killing him."

The disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley who were going to participate in the Exchange Games glared at Austin as if he had been their prey.

Austin watched them but didn't mind what they were talking about. These disciples of the Flaming Sun Valley wouldn't let him go easily. Therefore the only thing he could do was to fight and win the combat no matter who his rival was.

Suddenly, Austin's spiritual sense told him that about a dozen people were glaring at him from the other side. He could feel an intense and murderous will there too.


They are from the Blood Wolf Team.'

Austin turned around and realized who those fierce young men were. They scowled at him without blinking.

"Everyone, remember! This Austin is our enemy. The vendetta between us won't end until he dies. Our leader has said that in this Exchange Games, everyone who fights with him must kill him! You will get rich rewards!"

A disciple of the Blood Wolf Team firmly declared their desire for blood and rage with murder written in his eyes.

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