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   Chapter 390 After The Mysterious Realm Follows The Sky Realm

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The emperor entered the hall and sat on the golden throne.

Austin raised his head slightly and looked at him.

Based on his appearance, the emperor looked about forty years old, yet he still bore the majestic aura of a ruler. His facial features were well sculpted and firmly outlined on his square-shaped face. However, what impressed Austin most was his eyes. That optical pair

seemed to have the function of attracting any shine and glimmer as the lights in the whole throne hall all converged on his eyes. He owned a pair of eyes which glistened like fire.

The emperor sat on an unconventional way––an odd manner for a royalty––yet he still exuded an oppressive aura and feeling among his subordinates.

The hall turned silent as soon as he entered and settled himself on the throne. It was actually overtly quiet, solemn, and grave at the same time.

"Do you know what cultivation base the emperor has reached?"

Maria, who was standing next to Austin, suddenly asked out of curiosity.

"Oh? What cultivation base?"

After hearing Maria's question, Austin also turned extremely curious. The emperor indeed exalted a regal air and quality, but in terms of cultivation base in martial arts, Austin could not presume it from his appearance.

"The next base after the Earth Realm is the Mysterious Realm, and then the Sky Realm. It is said that the emperor had really reached the Sky Realm!"

Sky Realm!

Austin gasped. The tales were really true?

What followed after the Mysterious Realm was really the Sky Realm?

Austin stayed at the Sun Sect and cultivated martial arts. Sect Leader Theon had reached the Mysterious Realm, so every disciple in that sect deemed that it was the highest cultivation base they could attain in their lifetime. As for the other realms beyond the Mysterious Realm, they knew little about their existence and veracity.

The people of the entire Violet Orchid Empire mostly thought that Mysterious Realm was the topmost realm. They had never thought that the emperor would actually reach an even higher cultivation base.

At that moment, while Austin and Maria stood shocked at their discovery, five masters lined up in a row behind the throne.

The five middle-aged men had all reached the Mysterious Realm. Every one of them exhaled a long and calm breath.

Based on their presence, they were not any ordinary Mysterious Realm cultivators. They seemed more powerful and equipped with bearings of notable cultivators.

Taking Flower Blooming Sect's Elder Xiao as an example––though she had also ascended to the Mysterious Realm, Austin could easily perceive the vital energy force of her. However he could barely judge the momentum of vital energy force emitting from the five masters who were also at the Mysterious Realm. Austin was aware that Elder Xiao was no match for those masters and would absolutely be defeated within just several moves.

Among them stood one person Austin was pretty familiar with––Sect Leader Theon of the Sun Sect.

"Aren't they..."

Something flashed in Austin's mind.

"Five Sect Leaders of the Violet Orchid Empire!"

The emperor slightly turned around and glanced at the five strong cultivators.

"My five courtiers, you respectively manage five sects of my empire and cultivate young talents for the Violet Orchid Empire.

The five sects are indeed the cornerstone of the empire!

Each of you holds the Sect Leader position and contributes a lot for the nation!"

"My majesty, you're exaggerating."

The five all slightly bowed and uttered.

They were dominant in their o

cultivator of the Violet Orchid Empire! Mysterious Nether World is the best place to cultivate in the Violet Orchid Empire.

Of course, I also yearn to enter the Mysterious Nether World to cultivate!

However, this Mysterious Nether World is extraordinary. It is impossible for cultivators over twenty-five years old to access it.

Only you, young talents, have this opportunity!"

As he said those words, something warm bloomed in the emperor's eyes.

Everyone, including the five Sect Leaders and the Elders, desired for it as well!

"The only best place to cultivate in the Violet Orchid Empire? It is somewhat interesting."

Austin was flipped.

The emperor paused for a while and continued.

"Definitely! Mysterious Nether World is magical. When it opens, only one hundred young cultivators can enter it.

This time, half of that number is given to you. Half of the rest is for royal household and the other half is distributed to all Sects of the empire on average. In this way, the sects of the empire are given an equal chance to enter the Mysterious Nether World."

After hearing that, the five Sect Leaders behind the emperor couldn't help but tremble with the sudden news.

In light of what the emperor had said, even though young talents of all sects performed poorly in the competition and failed to be one of the top fifty, they would still have a chance to enter the Mysterious Nether World.

'If cultivators from my sect will have the chance to enter the Mysterious Nether World, it will be fantastic!'

The five Sect leaders thought at the same time.

Each of the five sects has one or two five-grade books about martial arts in their possession. These books were acquired from the Mysterious Nether World by their predecessors more than a century ago.

If young cultivators from their own sect bring a few five-grade or six-grade books from the Mysterious Nether World again, the strength of their own sect will be significantly enhanced.

Thinking of that possibility, the five Sect Leaders were thrilled. Their cultivators must certainly obtain the most slots given by the emperor in entering the Mysterious Nether World.

"Okay, all participants are ready. Randy, please open the Imperial Warfare Field," the emperor ordered.

A person who was seated at the left side of the first row stood and bowed.

"I got it, your majesty!"

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