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   Chapter 389 A Gathering Of Talents (Part Two)

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Meanwhile, a man wearing a yellow shirt stood in front of the line at the seventh prince's formation. He had an aristocratic bearing. His high spirits softened his dignified appearance. A peculiar and strong odor wafted through the air wherever he was, and even from a distance of ten meters, Austin could smell his distinctive scent.

An elegant lady in white silk at the sixth prince's formation held a harp with a carved image of a dancing phoenix.

Unlike the other cultivators, she was not an imposing figure.

This lady was well-mannered. Though it was impossible to discern from her appearance whether she was at a high cultivation base, fighters who stood beside her dared not look her in the eye. At the fifth prince's formation was a teenager, about sixteen or seventeen years old, with tender skin as white as pure jade that further enhanced his striking features. His hands, white and slim, were like exquisite works of art.

Every prince had one or two outstanding young cultivators who attracted attention because of their distinctive temperament.

'Without a doubt, there are several cultivators from the high cultivation base who keep a low profile on purpose to avoid being the center of attention.

It seems that Violet Orchid Empire is so rich in skills that even the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games has assembled so many different talents at high cultivation. That means several intense competitive games are gonna show today, ' Austin thought.

When he studied different cultivators in every prince's formation, Austin more or less knew the cultivation base of each fighter.

The two who were most conspicuous among crowd were respectively Michael and Philip.

What set Michael apart from all other cultivators was his body's ability to freeze anything even several meters away. Even the ground would be frozen when he utilized this skill. Anyone who stood beside him would need to use all their vital energy to fight the bitter cold he emitted.

With the precious sword on his back

tmosphere in the whole palace turned jubilant.

The Emperor was the Supreme Ruler. Before he walked inside, there were already signs of auspiciousness and fortune. Golden rays of light, glowing clouds, and colorful flowers were more than just decorations for a peaceful world.

The atmosphere became solemn as everyone turned to worship.

Finally, the Emperor, accompanied by dozens of court ladies and eunuchs, showed up. He wore a golden robe embroidered with a dragon design and a crown studded with gems.

In his magnificent clothes, the Emperor walked steadily. Footsteps echoed in the palace. Every movement around him displayed the highest dignity for royalty.

He was the Emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire, and was called Emperor Arthur.

"Long live the king!"

The chants echoed in the palace. Everyone bowed in homage to the Emperor.

"Dear courtiers, there is no need for formality! I give little value to outward politeness," he said.

He smiled while speaking. Like a merciful God, he appeared as though ready to pardon anyone who made a mistake before him.

But not long after, the majesty that earlier impressed people slowly ebbed. His eyes twinkled with more dazzle than the stars, and soon, he looked as normal as everyone else, the look of authority gone, and no sign of vital energy in his body.

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