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   Chapter 388 A Gathering Of Talents (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7771

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Regardless of fatigue after traveling a long distance, little prince Reuben took his fellows to their destination, the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

They came into an enormous and lavish plaza paved in endless white jade. The jade reflected gentle and resplendent halos, creating a magnificent vision like it was heaven.

The white jade tiles were so valuable and rare that just a few pieces of it were enough for a peasant family's subsistence. What was even more astounding was the fact that it was the Royal Family who wanted the precious jade tiles used for paving the square. They were truly extravagant!

On each side of Jade Square was a column of soldiers armed with a spear. These warriors were from the seventh or eighth cultivation base of the Energy Gathering Realm. Based on their relaxed stance, the squad leaders' cultivation base appeared to be from the Earth Realm.

All the young cultivators who came to take part in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games milled around the square but in an orderly manner. They mostly stayed in areas designated for their respective sects. All excitedly discussed the event.

Glancing around, Austin saw that other cultivators who were the subordinates of the other nine princes had already arrived. It was his group that came in last.

The ten princes gathered together as a display of brotherhood before the public as soon as they saw each other on the square. Austin's spiritual sense easily perceived that it was all for show, and the princes were only flattering each other. It was unimaginable how the ten princes made a pretense of being intimate brothers in public, while in truth all of them were running different plans in their mind about how to defeat the other in this game. Hypocrites!

This pretentious performance went on for a while.

Finally, an old eunuch with a white beard walked out of the palace. He was light on his feet and spoke in a thunderous voice addressed to the princes present at the square.

"Attention, all the princes and talented attendees here today! It is time to pay a formal visit to the Emperor. Please follow me in an orderly and quiet manner!"

Though the eunuch looked old, his voice was loud and clear that everyone, even those standing in the corner, could hear every word he uttered. His superio

es could be heard. .

Seconds later, the desert vanished. When the illusion ended, Austin regained consciousness.

The evil man's mouth curved into a grim smile. He stood there, stared at Austin, with eyes full of aggression. There was a sense of thirsty for blood and killing coming out of his eyes which was enough to terrorize anyone who saw him. Like a beast, he seemed eager to eat humans alive.

To the man's surprise, Austin broke away from the illusion he weaved for him. Fully aware that it was not easy to control Austin, the man, in a kind of admiration, kept his appearance in mind as he averted his gaze.

After this bloodless battle, Austin was astounded by the man's level of training. He looked more dominant in terms of cultivation base than Michael. No words were exchanged, and no one dared to challenge him.

On the eighth prince's team, there was a young man in a cyan shirt, about twenty years old, who looked overbearing and cold and stood alone. Vital energy shot out from his body which transformed into dragon shapes as vivid as real dragons howling in rage while circling around him. And based on his appearance, it wasn't difficult to see that he was no ordinary cultivator. It seemed that all vital energy flows could turn into a dragon-shaped-like ancient God that dominated every creature in the world. Each time he moved his body slightly, it seemed heaven and earth would be turned upside-down. When thunder roared, and the sky turned dark, all ancient creatures, both giant and rare, showed up!

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