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   Chapter 387 The Man Behind The Mysterious Voice

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In the Violet Orchid Empire, everyone knew that the royalty was the biggest force in the empire, while the rest of the forces including the so-called Five Sects were worth nothing.

The royalty had become the empire's biggest force for quite a long time and because of many reasons. One of the most noted reason was the demise of the most powerful heresy named Ghost Sect in Violet Orchid Empire.

Ghost Sect was ambitious and wanted to annex all sects in Violet Orchid Empire. The Ghost Sect wanted to rule all over the empire and all over its people.

Obviously, other sects wouldn't vow down without a fight. They disapproved firmly of the Ghost Sect's plan to control every sect in the empire. These sects joined forces to fight against Ghost Sect.

Despite its power, the Ghost Sect could not match the joint force of the other sects hence, caused its demise. However, it wasn't easy for the other sects. The rebellion against the Ghost Sect caused them great loss and was bloodied reinforced their vitality.

The fight between sects shocked the Violet Orchid Empire. But the royalty stayed out of it and just watched the war in safety without any loss. Consequently, when the Ghost Sect fell, the royalty became the biggest force.

The imperial palace was a marvelous place. Every young person who entered the palace could only wonder at the magnificent sights of the imperial palace and could only hold their breath in amazement.

There was enough spiritual energy in the imperial palace emitting an aura of sanctity. It was an aura that forced one to worship.

A profound, long, continuous and mighty aura. No words could describe it. Every person had his own definition of the aura once they felt it.

That aura came from no other than the emperor himself.

The powerful aura could make anyone tremble as soon as they entered the palace.

'Well, I expect no less. This was the imperial palace of Violet Orchid Empire after all. There were a lot of strong superiors here hiding their true strength and power. The imperial palace had a deep history compared to other sects

r hand, Austin had the feeling of being too exposed. He felt like his naked body was exposed to snow and ice.

He also felt that his internal organs, spiritual soul, and meridian blood vessels were totally exposed to someone hidden in the dark.

"This is so irritating!"

Austin frowned.

A majestic voice sounded in the sedan chair.

"Sure, a talent!"

As the majestic voice finished, the four powerhouses at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm immediately carried the sedan chair and walked fast that it suddenly disappeared before the eyes of everyone in several breaths.

"Go! Hurry up! Other princes' teams have already entered the palace. Go! Go! Go!"

A middle-aged man near Reuben urged.

As instructed by the middle-aged man, the group of young people immediately used bodily movement skill to walk as fast as they could to the palace.

Despite the disappearance of the man in the sedan chair, Austin could feel someone were looking at him. Could it be Mr. Randy?

Austin tried to shrug off that weird feeling. After a while, the scene became suddenly vast and more than one hundred people came to the front of the magnificent palace.

In front of the palace was a large square of thousands of hectares. It was shining and beautiful.

The square was crowded and lively.

It was where the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games would be hosted.

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