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   Chapter 386 A Conflict Before Departure

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While Austin and Maria chatted away, a young man with a strange jealous look in his eyes made his way towards both of them.

"That is Michael Zhong. He is a strong cultivator yet no one knows much about his real power," Dewey whispered in Austin's ear.

Michael was aged about twenty. A chilly glow emanated from the surface of his body. With a stern look on his face, he carried a cold, indifferent aura with himself.

The closer he came, the strong chill coming out of his body could be felt; it was like countless cold currents had enveloped him.

With Michael approaching nearer, the strong chill overwhelmed Austin instantly.

Austin felt like the winter had set in and he froze at the spot where he stood. A strange freezing chill which could turn water into ice had covered the place.

Austin came to his senses and found that a thin layer of ice started to form on his clothes and hair.

'It looks like he has cultivated a skill which enables him to release this coldness, ' Austin analyzed.

"It's so cold!" Dewey said as his teeth chattered uncontrollably.

Faced with the overwhelming cold, he stepped back.

Noticing that Michael was making a move towards Austin, she arched her brows.

"Michael, you..."

Michael walked across to Maria's side and glared at Austin.

With a dismissive snort, he bellowed at Austin, "Get lost! You're not good enough to stand by Maria's side!"

The next moment, Austin felt the coldness around him increase abundantly. Big snowflakes came out of nowhere and fell on the ground; and the ground of the square turned icy like an ice rink.

Slowly the chill started to spread in all directions.

The young cultivators who were nearby started to panic. To keep warm, they activated their energies which formed warm currents on the surface of their bodies.

Austin stood still, though his body was covered in snow and the ice was up to his knees.

Chilly winds rose from all the directions, and like sharp weapons they pierced Austin's skin.

With his hands behind his back, Michael stood straight giving off that strong chill. The infinite cold kept gushing out of his body, with a noise. The noise was like the waves roaring as they rose and fell on the surface of the sea.

He seemed to be a top cultivator.

"You're nothing but a piece of trash. You're proud of your stupid strength which you think is mighty; and that's what makes you carry this air of attitude. You're ridiculous, you know that? You're just a loser!"

Michael sniffed, leering at Austin.

"Wow! Looks like you think very highly of yourself.

Do you think you can really control me by this little trick?"


relief upon seeing the three of them separate.

He collected all the young cultivators as it was time to head to the spot where the tournament was to be held.

"Hello, everyone, the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games for which we have long waited finally begin.

Now follow me to the site!" the prince announced.

A group of people left Reuben's residence.

Reuben took the lead and was followed by the middle-aged man and the elder. Austin, Dewey and Maria stood at the end of the line.

The royal palace was going to host the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

Reuben's residence was quite near the royal palace. Hence, on the way to the site, they didn't meet many people.

Sometimes they saw a group of armored soldiers patrolling the way to avoid any mishap from happening.

Those men on patrol were at level six or seven of the Energy Gathering Realm. The captains were at the Earth Realm. All those people exuded a dangerous air, which could scare people away.

Soon all the cultivators marched into a special area.

A great number of imposing buildings were situated here and there. Scarlet doors and pillars could be seen everywhere and there were large eaves which extended upwards like a dragon's wings. Spiritual energy was on a high and enveloped the area completely. The air was filled with the powers and energies of the various people present there.

It looked and felt like the place was blessed.

"Listen guys. We're already in the royal palace. No talking and shouting is allowed here. Or you will be sentenced to death because of offending the Highness! Do you hear me?"

the middle-aged man warned the young anxious cultivators in a low voice. They nodded their heads in agreement and looked around in awe and amazement.

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