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   Chapter 385 The Third Step of Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill

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Austin ended his short period of cultivation in the suburbs of imperial capital city and came back to the young prince's mansion. This happened just in time as the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games was about to begin in two days from now.

Now, instead of going around, Austin chose to seclude himself from world during these remaining days.

A high level energy gathering Array was set up inside the training room in the small house the prince had given him.

His seclusion was mainly for the cultivation of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill. He had utilized it a few times before and wanted to practice.

The Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill contained three steps and until now, Austin had only mastered the first and the second, which enabled him to create a six-layered pagoda.

But he was at the premium stage of Earth Realm now, which made him confident enough to try the third step and create a nine-layered pagoda.

If he could achieve the last step and create a nine-layered pagoda, he would stand a far better chance in front of his enemies during the games.

Inside his training room, Austin sat in a cross-legged position. His mind and soul were mingled with each other and his palms kept on performing the finger movements of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, trying to create a nine-layered pagoda.

To create each layer of the pagoda required several finger movements. He needed to extract enormous amounts of vital energy from his body to form the body of the pagoda.

After having mastered the first two steps of the Grand Pagoda Summoning Skill, Austin already had a profound knowledge of the art and the skills required.

In a nutshell, to be a beginner at this martial art and create a three-layered pagoda required about a 1000 different finger movements.

To create a six-layered pagoda required 2000 such movements, each unique and different from the other.

And to create a nine-layered pagoda required three thousand movements.

This meant that during the process of creating the nine-layered pagoda Austin needed to constantly extract the vital energy from his body while performing the 3000 different movements in order to forge the nine-layered pagoda.

The whole process was extremely exhausting. Hence, it not only required an abundant amount of vital energy, but also asked for a lot of patience and strong spiritual sense.

Besides, after the pagoda was forged completely


A short while later, a dozen young martial artists, who seemed to be very powerful, came into the square.

About five of them cast a glance of anger and despise at Austin when they saw him standing beside Maria.

"Who the hell are they?"

"Austin, those five are the strongest among the martial artists recruited by the young prince.

Their names are Michael, Philip, Joshua. Hector and Jossy.

Hasson used to be one of them but he was crippled by you. It's said that he still has not recovered, which makes him unable to join the game.

Hence, you have replaced Hasson and have become one of the six most powerful martial artists recruited by the young prince."

Maria replied with a smile.

"Miss Wu, you are too modest. Everyone in the mansion knows that there are seven martial artists in here who are known to be the strongest. In addition to the six you have mentioned, you are also one of them.

Miss Maria, my admiration for you is as high as the mountains and as deep as the ocean."

Dewey suddenly interrupted.

Austin took a serious glance at her now. Although the girl was hiding her strength well enough, he could still tell that she was a very strong martial artist from the sharp lights that flashed through her eyes from time to time.

"Morning, Maria.

Why are you wasting your time on these losers?

You're degrading yourself."

The speaker was of the five young martial artists Maria just mentioned. He saw Maria and Austin whispering to each other and

started coming their way with his eyes overwhelmed with hostility, or rather, jealousy.

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