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   Chapter 384 Girls In Love

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After he had practiced for quite a while in the countryside, Austin went back to Reuben's palace.

In the small hall which Austin had been given, the two girls were chatting with Mike.

"Ivy, when will that little beggar come back? It's been so long."

The girl in the red dress asked, resting her chin on her hands.

"That's the thousandth time you're asking me that, Sue." Ivy answered in irritation, shaking her head slightly.

"He told us, didn't he?

He told us he had to prepare for the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games and was going to the countryside to practice a skill.

You know, he looks assured of claiming victory. But it's not going to be so easy, if you ask me. So many young fighters will join this game. Just think about that. How many competitors will he have? This will be an extremely fierce competition and he'll have to be very strong indeed to win the first prize."

"Huh! I believe in him. He's very strong. He even defeated and killed our master or have you forgotten that? He's sure to win the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games!" The girl in the red dress whose name was Sue, pouted with disapproval.

For some reason, every time Austin's name was mentioned, her face would lighten up and her bright eyes would fill up with longings and shyness. Apparently enough, she was looking forward to being loved.

"Oh... I see what's going on here. Someone's in love! Someone has desperately fallen in love! Hah-hah!" Ivy, the girl in the white dress, laughed naughtily, covering her mouth with a handkerchief.

"What? No I'm not! Oh, Ivy! You're teasing me! I won't spare you!"

Sue grumbled. She pounced on Ivy like an angry little tiger and started tickling her waist. The house was ringing with the cheers and laughter of these young girls.

'Same here, sister, ' Ivy whispered inside her heart. She had also been thinking about Austin all these days.

Austin had saved their lives twice and therefore, was their savior. And after getting along with him for some time, they had found him to be a really nice guy and were infatuated with his qualities and abilities.

Mike had known the two girls since they were children. He knew exactly what they were thinking about.

Looking at the girls, he laughed secretly.

'It looks like the two girls are in love with Austin.

He is

rld. After that, I will try my best to find the soul-recovering fruit and bring it back to you, so that you can win this battle and succeed to the next emperor's position without hindrance."

Austin's words were overwhelming and heroic. Reuben was persuaded. He did believe that Austin would succeed and help him win the throne.

Austin was not a frivolous and arrogant person. He knew that his future path was like sailing upstream. Either he kept forging ahead or he would fall behind. Fear and timidity would be very unfavorable to his development. Even if his cultivation base was raised, his spiritual world would have no progress if he was afraid or not confident enough.

So he was not going to let anyone stand in his way. He would get rid of every obstacle and defeat every opponent.

As the saying goes, "How many millions died so that Caesar might be great."

The Outstanding Talents Exchange Games was going to be an important trial for him. Austin believed that if he could win this game, he would lay a solid foundation for his spiritual improvement and future trainings.

Of course, self-confidence comes from strength. Austin had already reached the premium stage of the Earth Realm. His physical toughness and mental strength were very competitive now. Also, his Wind-commanding Skill had developed to a very high level. He possessed the strength required to face several rivals now.

'I don't think there are too many people in the Violet Orchid Empire who can be better than me, ' Austin thought with a confident smile.

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