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   Chapter 382 Stage Five of Overlord Body-refining Formula

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In a valley of huge mountains on the outskirts of the imperial capital city.

Austin was completely immersed in cultivating stage five of Overlord Body-refining Formula. He had been bathing in the liquid in a large iron tub for two hours.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes.


Austin raised his head and made a long howl. He could feel the indomitable force much like that of an angry monster beast that seemed to have been trapped in his body, running and roaring through each and every cell in his body.

Austin's body revolted in this sudden intimidation caused by the pills and then in due course of time, the energy contained in the pills was finally absorbed by him. It was then refined in his body. Finally, Austin had achieved cultivating stage five of Overlord Body-refining Formula!

At that moment, Austin was full of vigor and he could feel it through his entire body, including his eyes. When he moved, his skin buzzed with energy which was so strong that it produced clanks. There was also energy surging through all his organs, like gushing through the mountains.


In an instant, Austin flew up from the iron tub and landed on the ground made of stones. As he jumped up from the tub, thousands of water swords came out of the tub and flung into the air.

Austin stood there naked, completely oblivious to the state he was in. He was still imbibing and internalizing the superpower he had invoked in his body. He clenched his fists slightly. Immediately all the joints of his body clattered and the muscles under his skin swelled up magnanimously.

He punched in the air making the wind literally split with the thrust of his fist. Echoing his impact, three giant stones weighing up to 2 tons each exploded in succession, their fragments getting scattered in all direction. The birds on the trees flapped their wings, and sat back again on the branches clinging their wings to their petite frames, looking terrified.

Austin felt like he was a monster beast in the human frame. He felt every bit of the infinite energy inside his body.

A cultivator in stage five of Overlord Body-refining Formula could produce power as heavy as 15000 pounds barehanded, without using his internal energy. Austin was confident that he was capable of slaughtering almost all the Earth Realm cultivators by using only the power that he has imbibed in his flesh.

After Austin had tested the power in his flesh, he began to relax his body. Then all of a sudden, seven strokes sword radiance appeared in his eyes. Soon, invisible intense sword aura radiated from his body at an amazing speed.

It ejected to the air, the ground, the bushes, the stones, and the trees. It was invincible

f powerful crystals in Cloud Cave, he had shared a big part of it with Violet. He had thought that Violet could make better use of them.

At present Austin had hundreds of powerful crystals with him.

"Violet, let's cultivate in the valley for the next six days," Austin said.

When Austin was cultivating the Overlord Body-refining Formula, Violet overlooked him from a distance in order to protect him. After he finished cultivating, Violet also returned to him.

After she had got the powerful crystals in the Cloud Cave, she spent most of her time in the Illusion Bead. She cultivated there day and night, and now her demonic power was as strong as the premium stage of Earth Realm cultivator in the human world.

Moreover, Violet's spiritual sense could cover as far as 2 km, which was stronger than most of that of Mysterious Realm cultivators, though it was still dwarfed by Austin's spiritual sense.

"Ahem, master, our naughty friend doesn't want to stay inside any longer. It seeks to be freed!"

Violet giggled.

"Oh, really? Then let it out. It's a pleasant day today!"

Austin answered with a smile.

Violet made a gesture with her hand, and the Illusion Bead appeared in her palm. Then she rubbed the bead.

A tiny beast appeared in front of them. It clenched its paws and squeaked toward Austin as if complaining about this ruthless treatment to him.

The tiny beast was a gnome.

When they had been in trouble in the Ghost Valley, he asked Violet to try hiding gnome in the Illusion Bead.

Violet obeyed. She had successfully hidden gnome into the Illusion Bead. Maybe because gnome was also one beast in its nature, it could get into the Illusion Bead like Violet.

Other species, for example, Austin, would never be able to hide in Violet's Illusion Bead.

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