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   Chapter 381 The Fifth Stage Of Overlord Body-refining Formula (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6347

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It was an obvious assumption that neither the Flower Blooming Sect nor the grand prince would let go of the two maidens who had accompanied him, considering the disgrace that they had brought to him.

After thinking for a while and weighing his options, he thought of Prince Reuben.

Brothers as they were, Austin knew that relentless power struggles and intrigues were the only things between those princes, where brotherhood could never have a place.

After making up his mind and coming to the decision, Austin decided to take a risk and take them back to Prince Reuben's mansion and told him the truth.

"Ha ha, never mind. Your female friends can dwell here if they would like. I promise no one will bother them here.

Brother Austin, just concentrate on the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games."

Reuben had placed high hopes on Austin for the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games. Though it took him a great deal of money to recruit hundreds of young warriors, the hope of victory fell on a dozen outstanding warriors.

Austin was his favorite. Reuben had placed more value on him than the others, so it was quite an easy thing for Reuben to offer him some help.

"Good, pretty good, great thanks for your kindness," Austin said to him with gratitude. "Please be assured, I will try all my best to win the soul-recovering fruit from the Mysterious Nether World and present it to you."

Austin's voice was filled with great happiness.

"Now that you have said so, it's a weight off my mind!"

Reuben laughed back. . . .

On the outskirts of the imperial capital city, in a mountain valley with beautiful landscape.

A big iron barrel was placed on the ground with the heavy flavor of elixir.

"It's hard to believe it just took me a few days to collect the elixir needed for the fifth stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula in Sky Dragon Elixir Shop. Such an amazing p

bones, energy meridians and blood vessels, like thousands upon thousands of men and horses fighting in the battlefield!

Austin posed, in the position required for the fifth stage of Overlord Body-refining Formula; his fist clutched tightly and knees bent together. Tortured by the pain, his whole body shook violently.

It was said that the Overlord Body-refining Formula was created for a freak who was born with superpowers and an outstanding physical strength far better than common people. In fact, only this particularly special man was qualified for it. No common man could withstand the fierce collision and cleansing process produced when three kinds of elixirs were mixed together.

If truth be told, any ordinary person who wanted to try this was looking for self-mutilation and destruction. Self-abuse! Suicide!

But Austin was stronger than any man of unusual strength!

Finally all the three kinds of elixirs were fully mingled inside his body after the hard work and persistence.

Impressively! All the pain had vanished. Austin could only feel his internal organs, Eight Extraordinary Meridians, vessels and skin are as hard as iron, invincible!

A flash of a stern and sharp look shone across the eyes as they fluttered open abruptly!

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