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   Chapter 380 The Fifth Stage Of Overlord Body-refining Formula (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6402

Updated: 2019-07-08 00:48

One punch after another, Austin's fists relentlessly slammed and vigorously attacked Elder Xiao's vital energy armor.

Shrouded by power and energy that was never fading, the fists were like they were possessed by a mad demon, and they were delivering a barrage of punches on the armor continuously without any sign of ceasing.


Austin didn't know how many punches he had blasted. In the end, with a tremendous crash, Elder Xiao's vital energy armor suddenly blew up into pieces and scattered everywhere.

"No, bloody hell! I can't resign myself to this shameful failure! I cannot be killed by a junior boy! Damn it!"


Reinvigorated by the progress he was making on the armor, bearing no mercy, Austin poured all his strength and power into the fists and delivered the last potent punch, smashing Elder Xiao's flesh into a hundred tiny pieces. Instantly the smell of blood permeated the air as all the pieces exploded and fell to the ground, like a rain of blood and flesh.

Austin stood in the human flesh rain as pieces of flesh and broken bones clung to his body, like a man who had rushed from a cremation inferno after a fierce fight.


The two maidens gaped, utterly stunned at the one-sided fight in which Elder Xiao was continuously assaulted and could barely defend herself or strike back.

Their faces went pale and their blood curdled at the sight of Elder Xiao's imposing figure, ruthlessly reduced to nothing but smashed pieces of meat.

"I hope I didn't take you aback," Austin said his voice hoarse and laced with slight coughs as he walked towards the two maidens. He put the three corpse generals into the corpse nourishing bag and adjusted his clothes.

"You.. . You are so savage! I am freaked out."

The maiden in red said as she tapped her chest, her heart still beat and pumped as if it was trying to escape from her chest. She felt as if it was go

th for such a trivial matter!"

"Please calm down!". .

Overcome with fright, all the servants knelt down beside him beseeching him with tears, hoping that their master would regain his senses. The study was filled with voices of comfort and wise remarks trying to pacify their prince.

An hour later, the grand prince finally managed to soothe himself and resumed his senses.

Then he lay down on the wooden armchair.

"Slaughter every man and woman who belongs to the Flower Blooming Sect, kill them all!"

"And butcher the two bitches and that adulterer!

I want all of them dead!"

"As you wish, grand prince. We shall kill everyone who belongs to Flower Blooming Sect, the two bitches and that adulterer!". . . .

Half a day later, in the mansion of Prince Reuben.

"Prince Reuben, I have explained everything I know about these three people. May I ask you to host us and let them live together with me in your dwelling for some time?

I would really appreciate if you would agree to my request."

Austin had been brooding over the accommodation situation of his three friends on their way here.

As a complete stranger in the imperial capital city, Reuben's mansion was maybe the best place Austin could resort to for their accommodation needs.

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