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   Chapter 379 Kill Elder Xiao

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After chasing Austin and the other two girls, Flower Blooming Sect's Elder Xiao got the chance to display one of her techniques––she utilized the overwhelming vital energy braid to keep them besieged.

The vital energy braid in flower shape shined and emitted colorful lights, spinning at full speed. Hovering above their heads, it straightly charged down with a burst of murderous intent.

"Kneel down, you three mongrels!"

Elder Xiao fully vented out all the grievance she had accumulated today back at the palace of the grand prince. She outrageously roared, like an authority who occupied the moral high grounds, overlooked the ground below and issued orders to others.

As she looked at the three who were much younger than her, she was so convinced that the right to determine whether they would live or die was in her own hands. Since she was at the cultivation base of the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm and belonged to an older generation, she concluded that it was her who must torture them hardly first before sentencing them to death.

"Hurry up and kneel! If there is any more delay, I'll tear you up into pieces!

If it weren't for you three morons, my Flower Blooming Sect would have been one of the distinguished guests in the palace of the grand prince. I will make you regret being born into this world!" Elder Xiao exclaimed, her veins were about to pop in total outrage.

"Master, it was our mistake. It has nothing to do with Austin. Don't kill him. Please let him go. Kill us instead. We are willing to die for him," the other two girls cried and begged.

The girls were dominated by Elder Xiao's vital energy force as well as her long-lasting authority. Neither of them rebelled for they knew, this time, they were doomed to death. Instead, they knelt down and begged for Elder Xiao to spare Austin. Sobbing, the girls regretted dragging Austin into their mess and implicating him on the process.

"Damn you! Go to hell!"

Austin burst out a loud roar, almost as blasting as a clap of thunder.

Next, he shook his body and broke through Elder Xiao's dominating energy with his incomparable strong physique. Heaps of punches were thrown at her like intensive explosives, completely bombing his vital energy braid.

Elder Xiao looked down and underestimated the three, and that was the reason why she suffered a crushing defeat. She thought so highly of her cultivation base and shunned Austin's abilities.

Austin's bodily movement skill was exceptional that he could shift from one point to another within a second.

Before Elder Xiao could even realize, Austin was already standing in front of her. His fist could overcome even the air, pushing Elder Xiao in a deep crisis situation. She was frightened to realize that if she were to be struck with Austin's fist, she would undoubtedly be crashed into pieces.

"How dare you!"

Elder Xiao was at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm, so her vital energy was stronger than that of those who came from the Earth Realm. Aside from this, she was also a master in using vital energy.

Under such circumstance, all her vital energy surged towards her front

enerals only retreated several steps back and launched their own attack with a palm sign on their chest.

"Damn it. Get out!"

Since the body frame of the corpse generals were so solid and sturdy, Elder Xiao's attacks could not do any damage. She was so terrified that her face turned pale.

"Aha! Poor old thing, you are dead!"

Austin roared in laughter. With his feet on the ground, pale gold vital energy surged from the bottom of his feet and surrounded it, leaving a fragmented shadow behind Elder Xiao.

At that point, Elder Xiao was entangled by the three corpse generals. She was very occupied with the situation and had no time to think of any plan to escape. Behind her was an empty door that was open wide.

"Go to hell, you old scum!"

Austin employed ten thousand pound physical strength to his fists and stretched them out to directly attack Elder Xiao.

"How dare you, boy!"

Thanks to the spiritual sense, Elder Xiao was able to perceive and anticipate Austin's every move. However, even with that discernment, she found it impossible to avoid it because she was also attacked by the three corpse generals.

She had no choice but to withdraw all the vital energy from her body and form a layer of armor.


Austin's right fist hit the armor covering Elder Xiao's body. The clash exploded ripples on the surface!

"You are dead, old fool!"


Austin stretched out his left fist, also loaded with formidable strength.

"You are definitely dead now."



Austin's fists smashed at the same time. . . .

"Ah! Now, I'm pissed off!"

Elder Xiao's body armor was repeatedly bombarded by Austin while the three corpse generals continued attacking. The armor of her body's vital energy was slowly cracking due to the explosion. A huge and deep crater was formed under her feet from resisting as smog was permeated everywhere.

Bang! "Old scum, you are dead!"

Bang! "Old scum, die now!"

Bang! "Old scum, die!!!" Austin attacked endlessly, with full force and absolute disdain towards the elder of the Flower Blooming Sect.

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