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   Chapter 378 Foul Old Goat

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After thinking for a while, the elder son of the emperor finally made up his mind. 'You know what? Forget it! I have already determined to control the whole of Violet Orchid Empire. Once I have ascended to power, I can choose any woman I like. There is no need for me to pursue a temporary relief, ' he told himself.

The grand prince was fierce and powerful once he had made up his mind.

"Well, Elder Xiao, your disciples already have a lover. That wouldn't have mattered, but you lied to me. I will always remember what Flower Blooming Sect has done today!"

he told Elder Xiao in a cold voice and looked at her with a glint of anger in his eyes.

"No, Your Highness, I didn't know about this. I dare not deceive you, even if I had the courage to do so.

Please, let me explain."

Hearing the prince's cold words, Elder Xiao was frightened and tried to explain but words failed her. She had originally decided all by herself to send her two beautiful disciples to the prince as concubines. In doing so she would get strong support from the imperial household.

Right now, Flower Blooming Sect was a two-bit sect in the Violet Orchid Empire, and was an extremely weak faction. But it would become extremely strong if it was backed by the powerful imperial household.

Elder Xiao believed that this prince was very promising in the succession battle. After months of investigation, she had found out that he liked to trawl the country for beauty. That was how she had hit on the idea of sending her pretty disciples to the prince to please him and earn his favor. But things had gone south.

Naturally, the grand prince was obsessed with their beauty, so they had chimed in easily and arranged this concubinage.

They had never expected that matters would ever reach such a point. Elder Xiao wanted to explain but words eluded her right now, so she just whispered for a while.

"Humph, you and all your disciples get out of my house right now. And you, man and woman, leave now and I will pursue the matter no further."

The grand prince coldly ordered and turned away. After a few steps, without letting anyone else know, he cast

ce's house, they were still afraid of her since she had been their master for a long time.

"Ha, you still remember that I'm your master.

Well, I never would have expected that you cheap maids would gang up with a man without my knowledge. You dared to defy my orders and ruin my careful plan today. So it looks like you have really grown up.

And you, you son of a bitch, tried to seduce my disciples. I will kill you like a dog!"

Elder Xiao let off her anger which had accumulated in the grand prince's house just now by shouting at the three people in front of her. Her face was distorted because of her anger and eyes were full of fury.

She activated her vital energy force. Apparently, she was ready to hurt them right now.

"Haw-haw, you foul old goat. You forced your disciples to be concubines for the prince just for your own needs.

What you did was extremely unethical. How dare you say you are a master?

You disgust me!"

Austin cursed as he looked at Elder Xiao's distorted face.

"Since you are ready to die, I will help you!"

She had been full of resentment in the prince's house, and Austin's abuse had finally irritated her enough. She utilized her vital energy and the power surged out violently from her body, transforming into numerous spinning flowers. Their petals were as sharp as knives, cutting into the air and making a strange whizzing and buzzing sound like a chainsaw.

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