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   Chapter 377 Convinced

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7372

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The girls were suddenly saved by someone appearing out of nowhere. It was only after that when finally, among the group of people who were with Prince Reuben, someone recognized that it was Austin who had saved them.

When the two girls had seen Elder Xiao of Flower Blooming Sect making his moves, they had exchanged a frightened look and then closed their eyes.

But the next moment, someone had grabbed their hands and pulled them to a side.

When they didn't feel what they had expected to happen, they opened their eyes. When they found themselves safe, they looked at each other in joy.

"We... We are still alive!"

The girl in the red clothes cried out in joy. Suddenly, her eyes brightened up. She saw a young man standing by her side: their savior was no stranger to them.

"It is you, little beggar! It is you who saved us today!"

She recognized Austin and shouted out. If given her way, she would easily have started jumping in joy. She couldn't restrain herself and took Austin's hand.

"You... How can you be here?"

The girl in the white clothes looked at Austin questioningly. She was overwhelmed and overjoyed too. She tried to say something but only this question left her mouth even after pondering for quite a while.

The two of them had been in an isolated and helpless situation when Austin had popped out of nowhere. Seeing him, the two girls suddenly felt that they had someone to count on now, as if they were drowning and he was their straw.

The one in white clothes was too overwhelmed but the other one was focused only on seizing Austin's hand. When she approached Austin, her expressions were excited and grateful.

The interesting thing was, when Austin had seen two girls about to be killed by Elder Xiao, he had instantly decided to save them. He didn't know them well but he didn't want to see them get killed either.

"What a coincidence." Austin greeted them.

Austin stood in between those two pretty girls, smelling the sweet fragrance that left the young girls' fresh bodies. He was tightly clasped in between them, and one of his hands was in the strong, grateful grip of the girl in red clothes. To be honest, he felt touched at t

e most popular whore in a whorehouse, she was taken away by my brother.

I had never expected that Austin would do something that would, you know, sort of get revenge for me.

I'm so happy."

Prince Reuben suddenly laughed out loud.

People kept talking about that. They were gathering in the palace of the grand prince which was decorated with lanterns and colored hangings.

They had come there to celebrate. But no one had expected that things would go on this way.

The grand prince felt so terrible right now. His mind was struggling to grasp what had happened. It was a huge humiliation for him. He didn't want to believe it but he also saw that the two girls had seized that young man and were talking about some night. They were saying it all by themselves. No one had forced them!

What was worse, he had almost married those two girls in front of a thousand people. But it turned out that they had already had sex with another man. He felt so humiliated!

If it was the old him, he would have killed every one of Flower Blooming Sect in his palace right now, including those two girls.

But it was a crucial time and a war for the crown was going on. Besides, there were seven or eight hundred cultivators in the palace right now, so if he killed anyone in front of the public and if it came to the knowledge of the pedantic ministers or his father, it wouldn't do so good for him.

He had to be extremely careful right now.

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