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   Chapter 376 Isn't That Austin

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The Grand Prince immediately walked towards the two beautiful girls who were in red and white. Taking their hands, he went up to the makeshift platform. It was more than obvious that he just couldn't wait to hold the ceremony of taking concubines as soon as possible.

"Elder Xiao..."

The two girls suddenly muttered in unison with tears in their eyes. As they spoke, they stepped back a few steps. Each of them pulled a dagger and held them against their chests.

"Are you sure you're going to do that?"

... ... ...

What the two girls did shock everyone beyond explainable. The room was immediately covered with heavy silence as no one dared to even breathe.

The joyful atmosphere before had instantly become strange.

"Ivy, Sue, what the hell are you doing?"

The Grand Prince froze as he watched what was going on. He couldn't even move a single muscle with how terribly shocked he was.

"You two! What the hell are you doing? Do you even know the consequences of doing this?"

Elder Xiao who came from Flower Blooming Sect shouted angrily. Her face flushed and her eyes were burning with rage.

"Elder Xiao, can you tell me what's going on here?"

The Grand Prince asked coldly as he shot Elder Xiao an indifferent glare. His expression was suddenly hard. He then took a deep breath to suppress his anger.

"Eh.. Take it easy. No big deal. They were just having fun. Just let me talk to them and everything will be okay. Trust me."

Seeing the Grand Prince's expression made Elder Xiao explain in a fawning voice.

"Ivy, Sue. That's enough. Drop the knife. You both know what will happen if you don't. Understood?"

Elder Xiao sounded gentle as she said those words. However, her eyes were still full of threats as she looked directly to the girls.

"Do you really want to sacrifice our happiness to flatter the Grand Prince?

He already has so many concubines. We mean nothing to him. Why don't you care about what we're thinking?

Since you are so heartless, my sister and I will die before you today!"

Those words from the young lady in red made everyone realize what was exactly going on. The two girls were not willing to marry the Grand Prince at all!

It tu

dn't help but sigh.

'What a pity to see these two beautiful girls die like this!' "Gosh! It's a real pain! Two beautiful girls..." ...

Dewey stood next to Austin inside the camp of Reuben, the Youngest Prince. He was lamenting as he stared at the two beauties. Beside him was Austin.

"Austin, you must feel sorry for them too, right?" ... "Austin? Where is Austin?"

Just then a shadow flashed by in Prince Reuben's camp.


With a loud noise, the slate under people's feet cracked and the soil splashed all over the place. The ground on which the two girls were standing sank. It created a huge puddle which was one meter deep and at least two meters wide.

The square's floor was made of thick granite. Indeed, the strength of the martial artist who reached the Mysterious Realm was great. She didn't just break the thick slates but also made a hole in the ground.

The two girls would die today, for sure.

However... ...


What the hell is going on?'

An amazing thing happened. The next thing everyone saw was the two girls standing ten meters away from the hole. Both of them were safe and sound. Furthermore, there was a good-looking boy who was about sixteen to seventeen standing next to them.

Was it the young boy who saved the girls?

The whole square was once again covered with silence.

No one dared to speak as they all just stared in awe at the two girls and the boy.

"Austin? Isn't that Austin?"

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