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   Chapter 375 It's Those Two Girls!

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The young man from the Flaming Sun Valley looked grim as he walked straight towards Austin.

"What is he doing?" Prince Reuben mumbled as his jaw dropped.

His eyes cast an icy glance at Prince Barry.

"Isn't he too bold?" he complained.

"Your Highness, I have a personal conflict with this man. I just want to have a word with him," the young man explained himself to Reuben.

He didn't dare offend Reuben, for he was the current emperor's son. All the sects in the Violet Orchid Empire had declined, leaving the royal family as the most powerful. Each sect more or less viewed the royal family as a guide.

"Oh, Reuben, don't be so sensitive. These brilliant young men are going to have a fight sooner or later. Why does it matter if they talk in advance?" the sixth prince stated airily.

"Are you afraid? Are you afraid that my people will intimidate the boy?"

"Hmph!" Prince Reuben snorted angrily.

Meanwhile, the young man walked up to Austin.

His mouth curved into an arrogant sneer as he looked at Austin with contempt.

"You're Austin, huh?" he asked.

"I heard that you were a wild man.

In fact, I heard that you killed our Chief Elder's grandson! How dare you! Don't you know that you've provoked Flaming Sun Valley?!

You are such a conceited and stupid man. How dare you, an ignorant nobody, to trigger Flaming Sun Valley!

It's His Highness' big day, and bloodshed is unlucky. I'll cut you some slack for his sake. But that's only today, so look out for yourself.

You'd better pray that I won't be your opponent in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, or I'll beat you to death!" he threatened.

Austin's face showed no emotion at his words, but his eyes looked deep as an ancient well.

Then, he slowly picked up the cup on the table and took a sip before he spoke, "Are you finished? Then get out of my sight. I'm not a good-natured man. I can't stand a mad dog barking endlessly in front of me.

I'm telling you, if we would face each other in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games—I will blow you into pieces!"

"What are you saying? How dare you!"

The haughty young man was extremely shocked.

He gasped at Austin's words and turned a slightly deeper shade of plum. His body trembled and a spurt of murderous intent immediately burst from him.

He didn't expect Austin to be so arrogant and domineering that he could say such cruel words.

Now, all the people turned their attention to them.

Just when the young man was about to snap, the resonant sound of a gong and drum was heard, followed by a melodious orchestra.

A young man in a royal robe, came in, surrounded by a large crowd.

"There he is, the man of the hour!" someone whispered.

It turned out that the young man was the grand prince.

Everyone's eyes were trained on him as he walked inside.

The grand prince was dressed in a festive way. He had a full forehead, and thick, well-groomed brows. His eyes had a hint of arrogance and regality of a royal. He exuded a commanding aura as he walked.

He became the center of attention the moment he had shown up. All eyes were on him. This man seemed to have a natural charisma that drew everyone's attention wherever he went.


Austin also looked at him. From the looks of the emperor's ten sons, it seemed that the grand prince had

out seventeen years old, with beautiful black hair and snow-white skin. She seemed rather aloof, but she looked like an enchanting fairy who could make a person forget their worries.

These two girls looked so beautiful as if they had walked out of a painting!

Everyone present was dumbfounded by their beauty!

Their hearts boiled with jealousy towards the grand prince.

The other princes were even more jealous of him. These princes usually competed with each other. And, their jealousy flared up when they saw that the grand prince was going to take two stunning girls as his concubines.

Meanwhile, Austin was also stupefied. He stared at the two girls as if he was in a trance…

"No!" he cried. "It's the two girls!"

Austin realized that he already met them, much to his surprise. They were the two girls he had saved in C Village.

When they parted, Austin left them two corpse generals to escort them to the imperial capital city.

He never expected to see them on such an occasion!

"How fabulous! They are so stunning! Wow Tin, look at you, you're staring at them without even blinking. Are you smitten by those two beauties, too?

Forget it! Don't envy His Highness, lest you generate evil intentions. He is the eldest son of the emperor, that's why he's so lucky to take such beautiful girls as concubines.

As for us, we'd better be realistic.

We can admire the beautiful girls, but don't get carried away," Dewey said earnestly and patted Austin's shoulder.

He then let out a sigh as he continued to watch the two girls.

The grand prince was head over heels for the two girls.

"Ivy, Sue, after we parted months ago, I couldn't sleep or eat when I remembered your beautiful faces and gracefulness... Oh, I can't tell you how much I miss you.

Ivy and Sue, you've made the right decision. Rest assured that from now on, I will do my best to support your family, and that I will make your younger brother succeed your father as the family head.

Come with me, Ivy, Sue. It's our wedding... "

The grand prince didn't care about etiquette as he confessed his love for the girls in front of everyone. He acted as though he was the host, who invited the supposed hostess.

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