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   Chapter 374 Attend The Ceremony (Part Two)

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At each table, hushed whispering carried secret exchanges between the princes and his trusted men. The warriors too understood the real purpose behind the invitation and gauged all present vying for the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games.

But what surprised Austin was the royal family not even trying to gloss over the ugly competition between the princes. It was so obvious that the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games seemed like a prelude to a ruthless war between the brothers.

Ten princes were determined to succeed to the throne but the throne would seat only one.

Anyhow, power and politics were hardly on any warrior's mind. Rather, they were focused on one thing and one thing only—to participate in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games come hell or high water.

Each person was a competitor for the warrior, of and beyond their camp. With a stony silence and nervous looks, most pierced the others with their stare to see how strong of will and mind his opponent was.

Among the group of warriors, one was particularly large. It contained a whopping five hundred warriors that looked arrogant and conceited. To be a part of such a huge team, all felt mightily superior from the rest for they belonged to, of course, the host, the grand prince.

As for the other groups, one had around three hundred people, which was a pretty impressive strength of show in itself. And then there was one with around two hundred people, which too couldn't be called weak. There were multiple groups with just a hundred people, of which one had Austin in it. The ones who were a bundle of nerves were formations with just a dozen of people. Among the latter, the most conspicuous anxious formation was Prince Louis's that had just twenty warriors.

"Oh, Louis, look at you! You have got me laughing my head off! Don't be too tight with your money! Recruit some warriors! You only have twenty! Twenty! Don't you understand what it means! It means, my warriors, my three hundred men, can drown your pitiful twenty men, with their mouth water!" said a man to the Prince Louis, as he roared with laughter.

"My brother, listen to me. Just go home. You have brought shame upon our family. I demand you to withdraw from the competition."

The man looked young, wearing a ginger-colored robe. He seemed confident about his position in the family so much so that he felt he could bully the prince into quitting.

"Frederick, I take your criticism with respect. But I don't think the number of warriors can make a difference. It's a competition of excellence and not num

ing to get into a fight.

Austin sat amongst them, and remained silent as ever. Though he did not utter a word, he was watching the others with great interest. At the same time, he kept an eye on his surroundings, specially the servants.

All of a sudden, Austin saw that about thirty men in a formation were staring at him with hostility. In a jiffy, he got goose pimples.

These men were from the Flaming Sun Valley!

As he read the sign, he realized these Flaming Sun Valley warriors were under Prince Barry's command. This meant the Flaming Sun Valley was betting on him.

'The bastard I killed, isn't he the grandson of the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley sect? So now what? Now all the warriors in the Valley are united in their hatred of me? How ridiculous!' thought Austin.

He flashed an embarrassed smile back at the Valley warriors, who would obviously be his arch-enemies today.

At the other end of the square, another forty hostile warriors stared at Austin thirsty for his blood. The long coats of these warriors had a fierce wolf head embroidered on them.

They were, of course, from the Blood Wolf Team!

They too were baying for blood under Prince Frederick's command.

Before Austin could react to the Valley or the Blood Wolf, a man stood up and walked towards him. He had been sitting among the warriors of Prince Barry all this while. With a few brisk broad strides, the eagle-eyed man was right in front of him, holding a Heaven's Halberd.

As Austin glanced at what was behind the man, he saw a cloud of dust trailing the path the man had just taken. The imposing manner of just that man was as powerful as an army that was ready to strike any minute.

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