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   Chapter 372 Outdoing All The Martial Artists

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Austin felt that the globe of light in his elixir field had grown in size after having absorbed some energy off the Purple Blazing Gas Formula. He could feel the change even though it had expanded only a little.

'Looks like all the masculine energy is actually good for this globe of light because it is condensed by my body's masculine vital energy.

So that must mean that my cultivation base of vital energy will be more splendid if the globe of light is bigger and contains more energy.

And because taking a beating helps me improve my cultivation base of vital energy, fine! I'll take this opportunity and get something out of it!'

Austin thought to himself before turning aggressively to Hasson. "Is that all you've got?" he taunted him. "Secret skill? It's small. It's nothing! I think I'll just stand here and let you beat me. Let's see what you can do," Austin said tauntingly, trying to goad Hasson into beating him.

Sure enough, Hasson fell for it. He was initially shocked at Austin's words, but soon, his face became grim.

He sneered, "My Purple Blazing Gas Formula is a secret skill that the Peripatetic Sect prides itself on. Its power is strong enough to reduce mountains and seas to ashes. I don't believe you can survive it!"

A loud, deep rumble followed Hasson's words.

He was stretching out his hands, releasing giant palms of purple air in quick succession that slapped heavily against where Austin stood.

The slaps caused a thermal wave that caused the temperature to skyrocket.



Boom!. .

The explosion continued to sound. Mushroom-like clouds appeared in the sky around Austin, swallowing him up so that people lost sight of him.

The air reeked with the acrid smell of something burning. The thermal wave was heavily overwhelming, causing everyone present to bathe in sweat.

A long time passed but

the water vapor and white smoke generated after the explosion had not yet dissipated and nobody had the courage to check on what was happening.

Hasson stared at the mist, scared that he would see Austin walking out with a cocky grin on his face.

His chest heaved with every breath he took as he waited. But there was still no sign of anyone.

"The guy must be dead this time."

"I think so. It would be so incredible otherwise!"

The spectators whispered to each other.

After the smoke had gradually rolled away, the shadow of a man revealed him, prostrate on the floor of the hall. Shaped like a piece of sc

ddle of the hall, with an aura of arrogance around him. His gaze swept across the spectators, but no one dared meet his eyes. Their fear made them hold their tongues.

"Anybody else who isn't happy with me and wants to drive me away? Stand up now. I'll give you the chance to beat me. And then, I'll send you straight to hell," Austin's cold voice broke the silence.

Earlier, Hasson had negotiated with some young martial artists who had a high cultivation base. They had plotted to teach Austin a lesson at the banquet hall, with the hope that this would deter the other young martial artists and drive them away.

But right now, the ones who had plotted knew very clearly that they were now facing a tough opponent.

Nobody had expected things to go like this.

Among them was a young man in black, carrying a sword wrapped in black cloth on his back. He looked at Austin with obvious hatred that was maniacal and murderous. His anger caused his sword intent to surge around him. But he realized this soon enough and brought it back in control. He didn't volunteer.

A dark-skinned young man also glared fiercely at Austin, but he too didn't come forward.

A young man in white, hands behind his back, looked Austin up and down.

A young man with a full forehead and a Roman nose, who exuded superiority, also merely stared coldly at Austin but didn't take any action.

A pretty, fair young girl peeped curiously at Austin, her eyes twinkling in ill-concealed delight.

These martial artists were the strongest of the lot, but they didn't dare challenge Austin, preferring to stay where they were to keep their self-esteem intact. . . .

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