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   Chapter 371 The Purple Blazing Gas Formula (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5903

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The fight began. Hasson began displaying his skill. Gradually, a gust of hot air emerged from his body and began to spread around. The temperature skyrocketed so much that people could not stand the hot air and retreated further to escape the heat. Even so, they sweated heavily and all their clothes were soaked. But they still did not leave. The fight that was promised was too fascinating for them to just exit because of a little heat.

As the temperature of the hot air continued to rise, a light purple gas suddenly emanated from Hasson's body and started to whirl around him, the sound like the humming of bees. People estimated that the temperature of the purple gas must be far higher than that of the hot air. As moments passed, the color of the light purple gas darkened and became more visible.

"Have a taste of my Purple Blazing Gas Formula! You can go to hell!" Hasson barked.

Then, from the depths of the purple gas, came a piercing, rumbling sound.

After a while, the purple gas condensed into the shape of a giant purple palm and attacked Austin.

The people held their breath in fear as they watched the palm-shaped gas with open mouths.

The temperature of the surroundings became unbearable as the palm-shaped gas collided with the hot air and all but marched towards Austin.

People were so eager to find out what the palm-shaped gas would do to Austin that they refused to retreat and chose to bear the scorching temperature.

The palm-shaped gas was now really close to Austin.

But just as it got close enough to touch him, the palm-shaped gas suddenly exploded and dispersed into a cluster of purple cloud.

The purple cloud began to rotate and swirl. Moments later, Austin was completely engulfed in the cloud an

just used on me is obviously a skill of the masculine kind. So the vital energy impact capability it can release has a strong masculine energy feature.

When the palm-shaped gas had attacked me, I thought I was done for. But the light ball in my elixir field that I had earlier condensed as I practiced the Golden Sun Scripture began to glow and showed a strong desire for the masculine energy contained in the palm-shaped gas.

So the light ball had produced a strong suction and absorbed some of the vital energy impact capabilities that the Purple Blazing Gas Formula had generated.

I had not known that the light ball has the capability to absorb masculine energy on its own!

But fortunately, thanks to this and the strength of the fourth stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, I was able to withstand the blow of the Purple Blazing Gas Formula. I would probably have been roasted otherwise, ' Austin thought grimly to himself.

"What the hell?" Hasson said, stunned.

He hadn't expected in the slightest bit that Austin would emerge from the scorching swirl unscathed. He went completely numb with no idea of how all of this had happened.

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