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   Chapter 370 The Purple Blazing Gas Formula (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5994

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The young man belonging to the Joy Gang, who had come to confront Austin, was now paralyzed with fear at Austin's threats. The vindictive scowl on his face had long been replaced by a vacant, awkward terror and he now blinked at Austin like a bewildered bird.

He had no idea why the mere sound of Austin's words had terrified him so much. For a moment, he could feel nothing but the pounding of his heart.

The other young man Austin had previously defeated was called Cyrus, and he also belonged to the same gang as this one. But in comparison, Cyrus was at a higher level than this young man. No matter the cultivation base or strength, this young man was no match for Cyrus. And given that Austin had already defeated Cyrus, this young man would only be kicked badly in the ass if he didn't stand back.

Silence fell.

Just as Austin began to threaten the young man again, claps sounded from the direction of the crowd and a voice followed.

"Not bad. I am impressed. It is amazing that you have cultivated this body-refining formula. Plus, with the help of that excellent bodily movement skill, you have indeed accomplished something that you could be proud of."

Both Austin and the young man looked for the source of the voice. A pallid and haggard man of about twenty was slowly advancing towards them.

As he walked towards them, the man intentionally released his vital energy and displayed his strength. He clearly had the cultivation base of the premium stage of the Earth Realm. As in such a high realm, the vital energy he released was so dense and powerful that it whirled around his legs, making it look like he was walking on thick clouds. Although his face was sallow, and his manner was defiant and contemptuous, his eyes looked resolute and decisive.


ple the impression that he was weak and fragile, due to his sallow, haggard face and thin, weightless figure. But as he spoke right now, in a domineering manner, his ginger hair whipping around his face in the wind and shimmering under the sunlight. He looked like a golden Buddha that had come alive, floating on clouds of vital energy.

Undeterred by Hasson's threats, Austin retorted, "I am glad you have such confidence in yourself. But wanting me to kneel down before you?

That is ridiculous. How about you kneel down to me and let me think about what mercy you ought to be granted. I think I will give you a chance to die decently without having your head chopped off and scaring all these people."

His voice sounded so firm and resolute that people started to become boisterous again.

Hasson was infuriated at his statement. "How dare you say that?"

he exclaimed, his voice trembling with rage.

"You should have learned to be humble if you wanted to live in this world unharmed. Today, I will end your despicable, worthless life. Don't blame me! It is your arrogance and stubbornness that has brought you this death," Hasson ground the words through his teeth.

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