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   Chapter 369 A Demonstration Of Power

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The robust young man was the first person who challenged Austin at the feast. He employed a cultivation method of earth attribute and turned himself into a two-meter-tall giant.

Austin observed him and understood that this was a martial skill which used the vital energy of earth attribute to strengthen the body. Although it wasn't a body-refining skill, it achieved the same purpose, much to Austin's surprise.

Austin scanned his opponent with his spiritual sense and discovered that the young man hadn't grasped this martial skill well. Despite the dramatic effect of the skill which endowed the man with the power to carry objects that weighed over two tons, it wasn't enough to make Austin feel threatened.

"I know that you're practicing a body-refining skill, but it doesn't matter. I'm going to defeat you with my physical strength and reveal how much of a failure you are even in the field you're proudest of!" the robust man announced in a cold voice.

His tall and strong body looked imposing and formidable. There was an aura of confidence around him.

After finishing his words, he strode toward Austin, his husky frame raising clouds of dust as he picked up momentum.

It only took him a few strides to reach Austin. He clenched his large fist and swung it at Austin's face, shouting, "Check this out!"

But even in the face of his violent attack, Austin showed no fear. In a low voice, he replied, "Well, since you want to hog the limelight so much, I'll help you with that."

Instead of dodging the man's attack, Austin took a step forward and wielded his fist.

It was a fight of physical strength. Neither of them was employing any special technique. They were both trying to win the fight merely with their fists!

Although the whole audience was clear about the fact that Austin was practicing a body-refining skill, none of them expected him to win this fight. After all, Austin was tiny compared to his opponent, and it seemed impossible that Austin's fist could be stronger than his rival's, which was twice the size.

Attracting every eye from the seats, their fists met in mid-air.

With a loud bang, one of the men was knocked backward from the huge impact. . .

To everyone's astonishment, the one who lost his balance was the robust man. He moved a dozen steps back before he steadied himself. His face had become morbidly red and streaks of blood stained his mouth.

On the other hand, Austin stood steadily where he had been. Not wanting to give his rival any time to brace himself, Austin dashed toward him and began his next attack. He moved so quickly that he reached his rival before the audience could even register what was happening.

With rapid motions, he punched the robust man more than ten

bing his rival like a chick in his hand, Austin casually threw him onto the ground.

He turned to the audience and shouted out in a loud voice, "I know many of you are still doubting my qualifications for joining Prince Reuben's camp. Is there anyone else who wants to fight me? I'll convince you one after another with my fists!"

Everyone gasped at Austin's arrogant words.

In just a short period of time, Austin had easily knocked out two challengers who were both at the medium stage of Earth Realm. One of them had an extraordinary cultivation method of earth attribute while the other was talented enough to grasp level five blade intent.

However, neither of them had been able to take more than one attack from Austin.

Everyone at the feast became silent, left dumbfounded by Austin's strength and cruelty.

Nobody said a word to answer Austin's arrogant declaration.

Austin looked around the place, and everyone lowered their heads to avoid eye contact with him.

Eventually, another young man stood up from his seat.

"How dare you behave like a savage here! Cyrus is a principal disciple of our Joy Gang. How dare you hurt him so severely! You'll regret going against our sect!"

The man's eyes widened in anger as he stared at Austin.

After learning that this young man in white was a disciple of Joy Gang, Austin remembered that he had been one of the people who had offended him a few days ago when Reuben held a feast to welcome him.

"Cut your crap now. If you want to avenge your dear friend, just come and fight me. I'll finish you like I finished him," Austin said arrogantly.

His eyes were so cold that anyone would shiver while looking into them.

The smell of blood in the air added to his murderous aura and made him look even more terrifying.

"You... You damned brute!"

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