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   Chapter 368 Get Down On Your Knees

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10458

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In the palace of the tenth prince, Reuben, in the west of the urban area of the imperial city. . .

There was a nice, quiet pavilion near the bridge, well within the palace grounds.

A dozen young cultivators were seated inside the pavilion. Some of them looked arrogant, some confident, some indifferent, and some cunning. They wore widely varied expressions on their faces.

These were the elite among the cultivators who worked for Prince Reuben.

"The Outstanding Talents Exchange Tournament is going to be held in ten days. Michael, Philip, Joshua, Maria, Hasson, you are the best cultivators I know. I am confident that you will gain access to the Mysterious Nether World," a youth in indigo said in a flattering tone.

"Of course. In the Violet Orchid Empire, only a few of my peers can withstand a hit from me. There's no doubt I can squeeze into the top 50. But I aim to be among the top three," a lad in black declared. The tone with which he spoke was cold, but his eyes shone with determination.

His high-spirited look contrasted with his sword, which was wrapped in a black cloth.

"Philip, I believe in you. I must admit. Even though you're from the Sword Sect, which is less influential than the five biggest sects, you have grown into an excellent cultivator. I'm sure your sect is proud of you.

You're young, but you have shown mastery of the eighth level of sword intent. That's incredible!"

The young man in indigo was evidently good at flattery. When he heard this praise, the other lad's lips curled into a smug smile. He nodded at his admirer.

Finn Jiang snorted. "Save it, James. Everyone in this lot, including you, is an excellent cultivator. This time, our performance determines if the prince succeeds and wins the throne.

As for the rest of these cultivators, they are nothing but losers. They are a complete waste of time, energy, and money.

Tonight, the prince is hosting a feast. I'll advise him to send those losers home and provide us with the resources that we need to help us perform to the best of our abilities. This way, we're more likely to win the tournament!"

"Um, I agree with you. We're the prince's best chance at winning the throne. We deserve the best resources. As for those weak cultivators, they should be kicked out of the prince's residence," the rest echoed.

The young cultivators present shared the same sentiments on cultivation resources.

"I heard that the prince held a party welcoming Austin Lin two days ago. In addition, that brat showed off by beating two people at the party. Now the two are maimed.

The prince even provided Austin a seat right next to him. It looks like he thinks highly of that brat."

one person interrupted, his words hot with malice.

"Austin has only been practicing some martial arts skill to improve his physical strength. He is a nobody.

The Overlord Body-refining Skill he is cultivating is the stupidest way to cultivate.

If the prince hadn't been there, I would have taught him an unforgettable lesson!"

the sallow-skinned youth interjected with a scornful tone.

If Austi

ultivators. Most of them are weak. So I advise you to eliminate some of them, to avoid unnecessary expenditure. That way, you can invest in your elite cultivators, those who can guarantee you victory. What do you think?"

More than ten young people voiced out their approval. All of them were cultivators with impressive cultivation base and battle force.

Reuben raised his eyebrows and looked at the middle-aged man standing beside him.

The man shook his head slightly, a sign advising his master to wait and see.

In fact, the man agreed with Michael.

'Most of the young cultivators Reuben has recruited will fail in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Tournament. If he sends the weak cultivators home, he could save much of his money, ' he brooded.

Reuben instantly understood what the man was thinking. He took his advice and remained silent.

Austin also figured out what the prince was up to.

'Looks like the host of the feast is going to stand by and play it by ear.

It turns out some people still want to bring me down. It seems like a dozen of these young cultivators want to embarrass me and pressure me to leave. That way, they could intimidate and manipulate other, probably weaker, cultivators into backing out, ' he thought.

"You bastard! Did you hear me? Kneel before the prince, beg for his forgiveness, and then get out of here.

You son of a bitch. Are you playing dumb? Fine. I'll teach you a lesson," the stout teenager yelled at Austin.

He knew the siblings who had been beaten up by Austin the other day. They were his friends. Now, he was going to avenge them.

Killing intent flashed in his eyes. All of a sudden, a curtain of yellow smog began to surround him. Almost instantly, this cloud, to the crowd's amazement, grew and spread to be a thousand miles wide. It could be seen even by people from outside the palace.

At the same time, he grew taller and fatter under the yellow smog. Eventually, he turned into a two-meter tall giant.

"It's the Soil Body-refining Skill!"

one whispered in disbelief.

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