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   Chapter 367 Overlord Body-refining Formula Stage 4 (Part Two)

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She acutely observed something less obvious. While Austin was in this state of meditation, sharp sword lights flashed out of his body every now and then and then before returning inside in the blink of an eye.

'Could it be that Master is learning some swordsmanship?' Violet wondered.

At every stage of the cultivation of Overlord Body-refining Formula, Austin's body had to be destroyed first. And then, similar to a phoenix, his body would be rebuilt; he would be reborn. To strengthen his physical form, he would first have to suffer unbearable pain. Violet thought it was really amazing that even though Austin was being tormented by the pain, he could still concentrate to cultivate his skills in his Soul Sea, because normally, meditation would require a quiet environment so that one could be absorbed in the process of meditating and cultivating.

Of course, Austin was oblivious to Violet's awe.

Inside his Soul Sea, every sword move made by his spiritual soul was impeccable, as if the sword had merged with the world. At times, the sword appeared out of thin air and disappeared again. It wasn't even possible to detect where it was coming from, so how could anyone defend against it?

Moreover, the power of the sword wasn't only coming from Austin, it was also coming from nature. He was able to "borrow" power from nature and utilize the vital energy in it. This meant he had a lot more power than when he could use only the vital energy in his energy meridians. After all, one's own energy was always limited while energy from nature was endless!

Suddenly, Austin's spiritual soul let out a clear roar. The sword in his hand turned into a beam of light, flashing in his Soul Sea. Subsequently, the light started to divide and formed five sword lights!

Level five sword

body, there was a vivid glow resembling that of a jade. His body was like a piece of art, a human-shaped jade.

His force, his vigor, and his physicality were all improved!

Austin believed that he could now easily beat cultivators at the Energy Gathering Realm as well as most cultivators of the Earth Realm with just his physical strength. One punch could smash their bodies into pieces!

"Master, congratulations for successfully reaching level four of the Overlord Body-refining Formula!"

Violet elegantly walked toward Austin with excitement on her face.

"I just hope that I can get the elixir needed for reaching stage five. If I can reach that stage, the Overlord Body-refining Formula can grant me some real power.

Ten days later, the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games will commence. If I can upgrade to stage five by then, I can almost be sure that I'll get a ticket to the Mysterious Nether World.

The Mysterious Nether World is a place full of opportunities. It's a chance that no cultivator would miss. I must make it into that world!"

Using their bodily movement skills, Austin and Violet quickly left the valley and headed back to imperial capital city.

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