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   Chapter 366 Overlord Body-refining Formula Stage 4 (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6352

Updated: 2019-07-08 00:33

About twenty miles north of the Violet Orchid Empire's imperial capital city, there was a tranquil valley. Austin had come here to prepare the elixir potion needed for upgrading his Overlord Body-refining Formula.

Before he jumped into the huge iron basket filled with the elixir potion, he scanned the entire valley with his spiritual sense to ensure that he would not be disturbed by anyone and instructed Violet to guard him during the critical process.

Then, he stripped all his clothes off and leaped into the basket with a big splash.

The potion in the basket was bubbling like it was boiling, but to his surprise, the potion felt warm instead of scorching hot on his skin. In fact, he felt like he was in a hot spring.

But Austin was well aware that this was only the start. Once he started to use his Overlord Body-refining Formula, the potion would cause him deathly pain.

In spite of that, he didn't hesitate at all. He quickly assumed the cultivation posture of stage four of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. This activated the cultivation mode inside his body as well.

The potion, which was worth 5 million, immediately started to swirl around and into Austin, as if attracted to something inside his body.

Every trace of the precious elixir surged into every cell, every muscle, and every organ in his body.

"Ahhh!" Austin couldn't help but scream out in pain.

He felt like he was being stabbed by a million tiny knives.

Every inch of his body, every blood vessel and every tissue, was destructed by the liquid.

However, it seemed that the potion did more than mere destruction. The essence of the potion was separated into two parts—one would destroy, tear apart, and demolish, while the other would repair, refine, construct, and rebuild!

These two vastly different essences were having a war on the battlefield that was Austin's body. They

was practiced by his spiritual soul. To be precise, it wasn't only about how the sword moved in space, but also about his emotions and his connection with the sword itself. Gradually, the sword intent was honed, refined, and improved.

During the process, Austin was completely absorbed in the cultivation of his swordsmanship.

All his attention was on the various movements of the sword. The world had been shrunken into the sword, the sword intent, and the swordsmanship... Strangely, the piercing pain could no longer be felt after he began to indulge himself in the world of the sword. . . . . .

Violet had been keeping an eye on Austin. When Austin first stepped into the elixir, she could clearly hear him howling in pain.

However, about a few minutes later, the terrifying screams suddenly ceased. The entire valley returned to its tranquil state, forming a stark contrast to Austin's loud screams.

Violet silently released her spiritual sense to feel Austin. She could "see" Austin in his cultivation posture for stage 4 of the Overlord Body-refining Formula. There was nothing that she could make out from his face, which was calm and composed. It seemed that he was in a state of meditation—he was gaining insight into something.

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