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   Chapter 365 The Headquarters of Sky Dragon Elixir Shop (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6309

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"Haha! Since you have a VIP card, you must be one of our key customers.

Please wait for a moment. I'll have our manager come right away."

After a short while, a middle-aged man strode out from the room behind the counter. He looked calm and smart.

"Wow! I hadn't expected that you would be so young! Sir, this way please! Let's talk in the VIP room."

Following the man, Austin was taken into a small, delicately designed room. Two charming women with curvy figures served some sort of fragrant tea, fruits and desserts for them.

"Thank you!" Austin thanked the manager with a smile. "I'm here to buy the medicinal materials on this list. I had initially gone to your Peace Town Branch but they sent this list to you. I want to know if you have got the materials ready."

With that, Austin passed over the list of materials required for the cultivation of stage four of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

"Oh? You're the customer from our Peace Town Branch?

Are you the one who needed to buy five million vital energy crystals worth of medicinal materials?

It's really unbelievable that such an important buyer is a young hero like you!"

The manager looked at Austin in shock, as if he couldn't believe that this frail-looking young man in front of him could buy so many expensive medicinal materials.

When he had gone to the Peace Town Branch of Sky Dragon Elixir Shop, Austin had disguised himself to keep from attracting attention.

But this time, he showed up with his true face at the headquarters.

"Thank you! I'm flattered. Do you have all the medicinal materials I need?"

Austin got straight to the point. He didn't want to waste too much time talking with the manager.

"Haha! My friend, don't underestimate the competence of the Sky Dragon Elixir Shop. We can lay them out in front of you soon.

In fact, I have already got thes

about twenty miles away from the imperial capital city.

A violet steam with a fragrance of medicinal herbs floated out from the bucket. The fragrance was so strong that it filled the whole valley and could be smelled for miles.

The juice inside the bucket was boiling.

A young man stood in front of the iron bucket, observing the changes in the color and composition of the medicinal juice carefully.

The young man was obviously no one but Austin.

"Well, it seems like it's time for me to cultivate.

Violet, guard for me," he ordered.

With a streak of green smoke, Violet appeared.

Austin stripped himself off and jumped into the iron bucket.

Once he had completed stage four of the Overlord Body-refining Formula, Austin's skin would become as smooth as jade, and be totally different from ordinary people. His body would be able to resist all ordinary weapons like knives and spears and fire and water could do no damage to him at all.

Without any extra effort, he would be able to resist a full scale blow from a cultivator at the premium stage of Earth Realm. Besides, he could also land a punch with about 10000 pounds of force.

Austin was filled with anticipation about the result of this cultivation.

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