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   Chapter 364 The Headquarters of Sky Dragon Elixir Shop (Part One)

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The other six elders gazed at Theon curiously.

"The royal family did this in a high profile. They wanted all the ten princes to compete for the throne. Therefore, they set up competitions.

This session of competitions is to test the princes' ability in cultivating popularity and building up their own networks.

The princes will be asked to look for some young talents and have them compete for a place in the top 50.

When the results come out and the list is finalized, these 50 people will go into the Mysterious Nether World to look for a kind of spiritual fruit, called the soul-recovering fruit.

If the person chosen by the prince can find the soul-recovering fruit and bring it out of the Mysterious Nether World, this prince will get the throne.

"Oh? So the main purpose of holding the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games is to determine the heir to the throne.

That means all the young talents in Violet Orchid Empire will serve the royal family by taking part in the competitions and indirectly be controlled by it!"

an elder remarked angrily.

"Yes. What you said makes sense.

But it's said that in the Mysterious Nether World, there are innumerable vital energy crystals, spiritual elixirs and herbs and various kinds of secret martial arts skill formulas. I even heard that there are some Secret Weapons in there which can match the spiritual weapons or even the sacred weapons.

Theon, your Secret Weapon, the Eight Diagrams Board you refined is the one the principal disciple of our sect brought back from the Mysterious Nether World a hundred years ago. And have you heard of the Giant Magic Palm? Of course you have! It's a level six martial arts skill. But do you know that it was also brought from the Mysterious Nether World by the same principal disciple?

That's why the Mysterious Nether World enjoys the reputation of being a heaven

y sell precious medicinal materials. You can't afford them. So don't waste your time here."

The two clerks had seen many poor people come here.

What those people wanted were just some low-graded and cheap spiritual elixirs or herbs. Entering the shop, they would only find extremely expensive medicinal materials in the shop. Then they would leave very soon.


Austin knew what they meant. 'There are so many snobs in the world!' he thought.

Without saying a word, he took out a jade sheet the size of a palm and threw it on the counter.

"Eee? This is... ?"

The clerks widened their eyes. One of them picked up the jade sheet and looked at it carefully.

"This is

the limited edition VIP card our shop issued!" he shouted in surprise.

Customers who possessed such jade sheets were known to be the key customers of the Sky Dragon Elixir Shop. Only people who had spent at least a million vital energy crystals in their shop were eligible for this card.

The two clerks changed their attitude at once and a flattering smile appeared on their faces.

They knew it was easy to get a huge amount of tips from such VIP customers if they were pleased. These tips could sometimes even be more than their annual salary.

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