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   Chapter 363 The Capturing of Evan And Herbert (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7136

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Although they were at a disadvantage in a weaker situation, with the support and protection of Theon, no outer disciple dared to make trouble for Evan and Herbert.

Now, Herbert figured that the four young men who were their adversaries were far stronger and fathomless in their cultivation base and they had no chance of defeating the four men. He only hoped that they had some sense of decency and would be scared if he mentioned the top managers.

"Humph! Two ant-like characters like you have no qualification and recognition to find help from the top managers of the sect. Even if I kill you, the top managers will never punish me, an elite member of our sect, for two insignificant ants.

But, fortunately, you are still useful to me. All right, I will not kill you now.

As long as I hand you to the Chief Elder of the Flaming Sun Valley, he will personally teach me a unique skill as promised.

With the Flaming Sun Valley's storage, the unique skill of their valley must be superior. It has a great possibility of being a grade five skill. Aha, with this skill, I believe I will have a smooth sailing and achieve brilliant performance in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games in the imperial capital city after ten days.

Ha-ha, all right. And to think that Austin used to be the top among the outer disciples, he was so imposing that no one could compete with him. In the past, he suppressed me for a long time, but now, the situation has totally changed and he will only end up dead after getting in trouble with the two giants, the Blood Wolf Team and the Flaming Sun Valley. Unexpectedly, he will end up as he is now.

Aha, Austin, I could not kill you three years ago. Unexpectedly, after three years, you are also doomed to die even without me."

The handsome young man seemed to be in an unending rant, he was so pleased with his plan that he couldn't help laughing loudly. As he was laughing, his beautiful face twisted slightly and became extremely weird. . . . .

At the same time, inside the top management conference hall, Theon and the six Elders were having a conference.

Theon, sitting on the se

oman Elder dressed like a Taoist nun said.

"Let me tell you, Elder Li.

According to the information from the royal household in imperial capital city, the Mysterious Nether World only opens once every thirty years or so.

The opening date is not fixed. Sometimes it opens one year or six months earlier, sometimes it is one year or six months later. No one can tell the accurate date.

The masters of the royal family only speculated that the opening date would be next year based on the fluctuation at the entrance to the Mysterious Nether World, but their predictions were wrong.

And now we are certain that the Mysterious Nether World will open in half a month."

"I see..."

The six Elders listened to the explanation to Theon, and they suddenly understood the confusion.

"Think of the Mysterious Nether World as a small secret realm controlled by the monarchy, which is especially valuable and has never been opened to the outside, except for a hundred years ago in history, it was allocated to five sects, with two entries per sect.

Unexpectedly, this time, they were willing to show great kindness and share 50 places to the young talents to compete in the Violet Orchid Empire.

I don't know why the royal family did this."

"Oh, well, I have a close friend who is an official in the Royal family. So, I know a little about the reason."

Theon said with a meaningfully smile.


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