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   Chapter 362 The Capturing of Evan And Herbert (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7265

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In the Sun Sect, two young men suddenly appeared at the residence of Evan and Herbert; they claimed to be principal disciples of the Sun Sect. They told Evan and Herbert that Austin had sent them to discuss something important with them and since the big yard was an inconvenient place surrounded by residences of other disciples, they needed to take Evan and Herbert somewhere quiet for further discussion.

Once Evan and Herbert heard that Austin sent the two disciples, they did not think twice; they trusted them since Austin always had their back and because of the current circumstances, Austin needed to be discreet. Austin's life was in danger, he was being pursued by two forces from the Flaming Sun Valley and Blood Wolf Team, every movement they made was under scrutiny and they needed to be careful.

They left the yard and followed the two principal disciples towards a dense forest. As they got closer to the forest the more the number of people they met dwindled, the only company they had was the occasional chipping birds or a squirrel dashing to a nearby tree and the crunching of their footsteps on the dried leaves scattered on the ground, which became denser as they approached the forest.

After a while, the four people arrived at the entrance of the forest. They were so preoccupied with their thoughts that they had no time to admire the beauty of the forest. The towering canopy of trees was a sight to behold; the sky had virtually vanished and all they could see were fragments of blue with streaks of light dancing through the spaces creating the illusion of natural feast.

"Brothers, Austin has very few friends in this Sun Sect. It's a pleasant surprise that you are familiar with him.

So how is he now? Is he all right? And what does he want you to discuss with us? Does he need any help from us?"

As soon as they arrived at the open space in the forest, Evan could no longer hold his curiosity and asked them about Austin's present situation.

"Evan, since the two elder brothers were sent by Austin, it means that he is safe at present. There is no need to ask. It's just a waste of time."

Herbert said.

"Yes, yes. Austin h

ital energy, in a sheer show of might they were catapulted off the vortex and fell down on the ground of the forest more than a dozen feet away. Blood leaked around their teeth through their cold lips, escaping and drizzling down their faces. They were spitting blood in succession and incapacitated because of lack of breath; they were fighting to re-inflate their lungs. It seemed that the storm had displaced their internal organs, and they were injured internally.

"You... Who are you exactly? There is no hatred between us, why are you hurting us? Do you have any hatred with Tin?"

Evan struggled to get up and shouted angrily.

Herbert coughed and said, "Is there any misunderstanding between us? We are all disciples of the Sun Sect. I'm afraid this isn't good enough. If the top managers heard that we are fighting with each other..."

Herbert was a faster thinker than Evan. He understood that these were not their friends as earlier assumed and they were in danger, all he could think of was to scare them by mentioning the wrath of the top managers of their sect.

Before Austin left, he once asked the Sect Leader of the Sun Sect Theon to protect them.

Theon did not break his promise and asked outer disciples, Elders and stewards in their sect to take special care of Evan and Herbert.

Since Austin had left the Sun Sect, Evan and Herbert lost their backer, this meant that others would easily bully and oppress them.

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