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   Chapter 361 Two Principal Disciples (Part Two)

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Both of these corpse generals possessed significant strength. Even Austin himself was not confident that he could beat any of them if he had to go up against them.

The truth was that the ten corpse generals he had gotten from the Ghost Valley were his most powerful combat forces. In all of his arsenal, these two were his most powerful cards.

If he could really manage to get the qualification required to enter the Mysterious Nether World, the ten corpse generals would certainly help him a lot in the fight. He would be like a tiger with wings.

After finishing the lunch and trying out the delicious dishes of numerous kinds that the five beautiful maids brought him, Austin walked briskly out of Reuben's palace and went to look for the headquarters of the Sky Dragon Elixir Shop.

... .

At the Sun Mountain, inside the Sun Sect, there was an area where

people could see rows upon rows of pavilions, terraces and towers lined beautifully with eaves turned gracefully upwards.

Easily mistaken for some royal or commercial part, this was the residential area for the disciples of the Sun Sect, who paid a fairly hefty amount of rent. Every house in this area was specially arranged, with pavilions, terraces and towers inside, and flowers, trees and other plants decorating the yards, making the place extremely quiet and elegant. Also, every house was equipped with a small Energy-gathering Array, which could be of great help to the vital energy cultivation of the disciples living inside.

In a spacious yard in one of the houses of this area, two young men were sitting in the garden. However, their spirits seemed to be in contrast to the beautiful house. Something seemed to be bugging them.

"Uggh. I had never expected that it would turn out to be like this for Austin. He was forced to leave the Sun Sect permanently. I really wonder where he has been these past days."

The man who spoke was of a stout figure, looking simple and honest. He was the best friend

rt couldn't even imagine that two principal disciples would come by and talk to them directly. They felt extremely flattered and didn't know how to react. They were very nervous and bashful and didn't know where to put their hands.

"Haha! It's okay, don't be nervous.

Let me put it this way. I can only tell you this about the friend who asked us to come here: his surname is Lin."

When he disclosed the surname of the person, he suddenly acted mysteriously and intentionally lowered his voice and said it into their ears.

"Lin? Tin!"

Evan and Herbert were confused at first, but they soon got the clue.

"Hush! Simmer down! This is the residential area with several kinds of people around us. It's not a good place to talk. You can follow us to a quiet place and we'll talk about the business at hand," the young man said. His eyes flashed a cunning light, as if celebrating the success of his plan.

"Okay, let's go."

At the hint that these two principal disciples were sent here by Austin, Evan and Herbert agreed without any doubt or hesitation. They immediately followed them and walked out of the house.

The two principal disciples had never expected that their plan would go off so smoothly.

They secretly exchanged glances, with smirks crossing their faces in a sinister sort of way.

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