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   Chapter 360 Two Principal Disciples (Part One)

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"That's all about it now, Austin. Now, I have been completely honest with you and told you everything. You can believe me when I swear to you that I have been truthful with you. I have held nothing back.

You can easily defeat warriors at the medium stage of Earth Realm within seconds. I'm very impressed by your strength. I hope you will help me get the throne."

Reuben said and looked at Austin with great sincerity in his eyes. He looked truthful at the moment.

"Your Highness, I'm a man of my word. When I was in Peace Town earlier, I had promised you that I would help you, and I will certainly keep my words. Rest assured that I will be on your side.

Also, I promise you once again that I will try my best to be at least among the top 50 in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games and obtain the qualification required to enter the Mysterious Nether World. I will find the soul-recovering fruit after I get in there and help you win. I am very sure that you will get the throne," Austin replied in a clear loud voice but in a polite tone.

This was a bold pledge to make, but he said all of this with certainly. He was positively glowing with confidence.

"Okay, with your words, I feel much relieved now. If you have my back, then I am sure that I will win."

Reuben was overjoyed. He seemed terribly impressed by Austin and believed in him a lot.

"Then I won't disturb you further, as you have to rest for now. The Outstanding Talents Exchange Games will kick off in ten days. You are welcome to stay here at my palace until that time and prepare for the fight. You need to be rested and in peak condition to win the fight," Reuben replied and then ordered, "Take Sir Austin back to his room. No one is allowed to disturb him without my permission."

The five maids who had been given the order bowed down.

"Yes, Your Highness."

They slowly got to their feet and escorted Austin out of the hall.

Seeing that the five gorgeous and beautiful maids had crowded round him, grasping his arms and enthusiastically leading the way for him, Austin gave a wry smile. However, he had no choice but t


The walls there were embedded with luminous gemstones. Moonlight poured in through the windows and the whole place was bathed in a delicate halo. What an idyllic scene!

"Hmff! The royal family lives such a luxurious life. Damn, we common people could never imagine these things!" Austin heaved a deep sigh.

He had never lived in such a beautiful and comfortable place. It was a totally new experience.

However, there would be time to admire beauty later. For now, he was quite worn out by the long journey to the imperial capital city. He felt fatigued both physically and mentally. He went to sleep early that night and didn't wake up until it was already late in the morning the next day.

... .

According to his plan, there were two things he needed to do after he had gotten in touch with Reuben.

First of all, he had to find the headquarters of the Sky Dragon Elixir Shop in the imperial capital city. That place was his best bet to pick up the materials he needed to cultivate for the fourth stage of the Overlord Body-refining Formula.

Secondly, he needed to try and get in touch with the two girls he had met in C Village and check whether they had arrived there safely or not. Austin had made the two corpse generals escort the two girls and their vehicles back to the city. So once he had made sure of their safe return, he would also take back the two corpse generals.

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