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   Chapter 359 The Mysterious Nether World (Part Two)

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"Austin, you addressed me as Your Highness like other young cultivators, but you don't know who I am. Do you? I think now it's time to tell you. Austin, you might be aware that the current Emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire is Emperor Arthur. The Emperor has ten sons, and I am the youngest one. In the imperial capital city, everyone calls me 'Your Highness' when they see me."

"Hiss! Huh!"

Austin gasped uncontrollably. He couldn't believe that Reuben was the youngest son of the current Emperor. He was speechless.

It meant that the young man in front of Austin was actually a prince!

No wonder, Austin saw the houses, food, and furnishings all marked with luxury, dignity, and splendor since he stepped into Reuben's palace.

It was really a life of luxury and extravagance.

Austin soon regained his composure and continued listening to Reuben's story.

"Austin, now that you know my father is the Emperor of the Violet Orchid Empire, I wish to share a few things with you. Soon, one among his ten sons will succeed him as the sovereign of the Violet Orchid Empire.

And according to the royal family's rules, who among the princes will take the throne is decided by a battle. Only the one who wins that battle can become the true successor to the throne.

The directives of each battle for the throne are different, and specific directives are determined and laid out by the present emperor.

The directives of this battle were decided a year ago.

My father asked us–all the ten princes–to do everything we could to get to know and win over outstanding people under the age of 25, and make them our confidants.

Then, these confidants will be sent to participate in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games held in the imperial capital city to compete for places in the top 50.

After that, the top 50 young people will go on a month-long test of treasure hunting in the Mysterious Nether World, which is controlled by our royal family.

the facts before Austin.

"Well. I see. If my guess is correct, the real purpose of the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games which the royal family specially holds, is to have the battle for the throne among the princes, and to ask the young talents who achieve the top 50 to search for the soul-recovering fruit in the Mysterious Nether World. Isn't it?"

Austin asked as he felt suddenly enlightened by all those details.

"Yes! You're really smart, Austin.

The Outstanding Talents Exchange Games is actually the battle of the princes to seize the throne and to find the soul-recovering fruit.

However, those young talents who are in the top 50 in the games and qualify to enter the Mysterious Nether World, but are unable to win for any of us, are not given up or abandoned by us. We will definitely try our best to pull them on to our sides after the match.

Honestly, in the Violet Orchid Empire, our royal family is the most powerful in terms of strength. As long as we are willing to pay, there is no talent that we cannot win over."

Reuben said those words with a proud smile. What he said was true! The power of the royal family was indeed superior to all the sects within the empire.

When a prince desired to have someone at his side, only a few young talents could remain unmoved.

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