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   Chapter 358 The Mysterious Nether World (Part One)

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At the welcoming feast held for him, Austin intimidated the other young cultivators. There was no one who wasn't affected by his presence or who was unaware of his power.

Seeing Austin's prowess as a cultivator, Reuben was quite enthusiastic to meet him. He even raised a toast in his honor at the feast, attempting to win Austin over.

"Austin, please come with me," Reuben whispered in Austin's ear as the feast was coming to an end.

Austin was puzzled, but he gave a slight nod and followed Reuben quietly.

Reuben took Austin to a side hall guarded by three middle-aged men possessing steady auras. Their cultivation base of vital energy had already reached the premium stage of Earth Realm.

Austin was pondering over all that he had seen. He couldn't stop wondering, 'Reuben's house is a palace, and he lives in considerable luxury. What's more! He has guards who are in the premium stage of Earth Realm to protect him. Looks like he has powerful backing.'

Reaching a spot far away from the rest, Reuben asked Austin to sit down.

"I've got a present for you, Austin. I hope you'll accept it," Reuben informed him with a smile.

"That's very kind of you, Your Highness," Austin replied politely. "Thank you."

Austin instantly understood that Reuben was actually trying to lure and buy him, hoping that he would work for him.

Austin didn't say no or reject the proposal impulsively. He wanted to see what Reuben was going to use or offer him to solicit his services!

Austin quickly recollected that at the welcoming feast that evening, all the cultivators he met were young, around 20 years old. He speculated that Reuben was fond of courting young cultivators, but he had no clue what Reuben was trying to do.

Then Reuben clapped his hands a few times, signaling his servants to bring in something.

Austin knew the present was coming.

The next moment, five beautiful girls, carrying trays in their delicate hands, slowly stepped into the side hall from th

ve presented the same gift to the young cultivators you saw this evening at the feast. Unlike you, at the sight of millions of vital energy crystals and the fabulous maidens, most of them had their eyes lit up with ecstasy, and they immediately promised to serve me with all their heart.

You are truly different from them. I also noticed that when you saw two million vital energy crystals, you were unmoved as if they were dirt. Then you turned down these five fabulous maidens without hesitation. You've really impressed me, Austin!"

Austin resisted the temptation so as to concentrate on cultivating. This made Reuben repeatedly compliment him and express admiration.

For young men like Austin, who were full of vigor and vitality, wealth and beauties were what they dreamed of, yearned for, worshiped and desired.

Austin's focus on martial arts made Reuben regard him as a cultivator of higher value.

"Wow! Your Highness, this is really flattering. You called me alone to this side hall after the feast, and served me wealth and beauties. There must be a reason for this. Just tell me what it means, Your Highness."

Austin came straight to the question without beating around the bush.

"Ha ha! Austin, you're really an outspoken man. Well, I won't hide it anymore," Reuben remarked with a soft laugh.

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