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   Chapter 357 A Busybody (Part Two)

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He glared back at them, his eyes sharp and fierce.

"Do you have any complaints about me?

If you do feel resentful towards me, then step forward and air your views openly. Nobody dared come forward and slug it out when I asked earlier.

Why wait until now to show me your true faces?

Do you really think me that good-tempered to take everything lying down?"

Austin had jumped to his feet as he had started speaking, his eyes fixed pointedly upon the hostile young men sitting opposite to him.

Reuben, watching Austin's facial expressions, interrupted him as the silence began to weigh down on them.

"Take it easy, brother. They are also my guests. We'd better not hurt our friendship, Brother Austin, please let me introduce them to you," Reuben continued after a pause.

"This is swordsman Dougie, who comes from an aristocratic martial arts family in P City.

This is swordsman Cyrus from the Joy Gang.

Swordsman Robbie, an independent cultivator with a solid cultivation base.

And swordsman Hassan who is a principal disciple of the Peripatetic Sect."


Austin looked around as Reuben introduced them to him.

These were the four people who had just sneered at Austin.

Now, they were just sullenly staring at Austin.

Dougie was a handsome young man of about twenty years old, with a fair complexion and gentle temperament. He looked like a scholar who was well-read in the classics. But a sinister and sly spark shone through his narrow, slit-like eyes. His vital energy cultivation base belonged to the premium stage of Earth Realm.

Cyrus was about the same age as Dougie but was a stout man with rough skin and high spirits. A strange-looking long sword that was tied on his back was telling about his ability in swordsmanship. His vital energy cultivation base was just at the medium stage of the Earth Realm. But when seen along with his half-concealed sword aura, he was at a high level in the cu

of the Earth Realm cultivation base, spread out and engulfed Austin.

Austin stared at Dougie without any trace of fear.

"Calm down, my friends! Please take it easy. For my sake!"

Reuben said, half nervous, half exasperated.

"Pretty good, Austin. But for now, I won't fight with you. For Reuben's sake," Dougie glared at Austin coldly as he seated himself again.

Mirroring Dougie's action, the other three men also sat back down.

Then the feast began as Reuben clapped his hands. Many beautiful young women came up and served them with delicacies and wine, their slender figures clothed by gauze towels as thin as a cicada's wings.

As they walked, they looked like catkins in the wind, weak and boneless. When the warriors' eyes fell upon them as they served food, they sometimes reacted coquettishly and some other times, pretended to coldly reject them. They had softened every male warrior's heart with their enchanting smiles and slender, sexy figures. The men could hardly control their desire and lust.

Austin also felt his body relent at the sight of these attractive young women. At the same time, he marveled at Reuben's luxurious life that was filled with music, women, and sensual pleasures.

The feast went on for more than an hour before it finally ended.

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