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   Chapter 356 A Busybody (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6689

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Austin took a few steps back before he could steady himself.

Apart from the dull aching pain in his arms and a slight tightness in his chest, his heartbeat had also accelerated a little.

Otherwise, his body was unharmed.

He had resisted a stroke from a warrior who was at the medium stage of the Earth Realm with just his flesh and nothing else!

'It looks like this lad's body is hard as nails!

But I'll see to it that I ruin his prospects for further cultivation.

As of now, there's no denying that his battle skills aren't inferior to any other youth here!'

"Let's see how many punches you can survive, boy!"

Unwilling to accept that his full-scale blow had been blocked, the young man roared and went to throw another punch.

'I just meant to demonstrate my power! I have no intention to keep fighting with you, ' he snorted.

Austin suddenly disappeared. Like an apparition, he appeared the next second in front of the young man, faces almost touching.

There had been a dozen meters separating them, but Austin's moving to stand before the young man in the blink of an eye left the young man reeling a little.


The young man had not yet thrown his punch when he found Austin standing before him. Dumbstruck, his reaction was slower than Austin's next move.

An extremely horrifying coolness rose from the bottom of his heart, spreading along his arms and legs. 'Is this man a ghost?'

In the heartbeat that the young man was lost in a trance, Austin focused all his extraordinary power into his hands, grabbed the young man's right arm and pulled it directly, putting in 8000 pounds of force into the pull.


The young man's arm was ripped off his shoulder and blood poured down like rain.


he shrieked in pain. His scream was heartbreaking to hear.

Laughing, Austin stepped back to avoid the splashing blood. He looked around with his hands on his back, pride written largely on his face.

"This is just a

grew in leaps and bounds.

Laughing excitedly, he stepped forward and grasped Austin's hands tightly with all the enthusiasm he could manage.

"Alright, alright, friends. Take it easy. What just happened was an incident of little importance. Come here, let us enjoy our drinks!"

Reuben led Austin to be seated right next to him. It was obvious that Reuben was determined to get Austin's support.

Austin didn't protest and complying with the wishes of the host, took his seat beside Reuben.

"Wow! Look how haughty he is, so intoxicated by success."

"An arrogant man with no manners.". . . .

Several guys sitting across from Austin snorted and sneered at him.

Their murderous intentions were revealed just for a split-second, but that was enough for Austin to get an idea of how they all felt.

Austin's spiritual sense had already reached an extremely high level, surpassing most warriors in the Mysterious Realm. The ability to sense and the soul strength he possessed were also much higher than any commoner, which is why Austin was able to gauge the unfriendly atmosphere in a heartbeat.

As Austin looked up again, he found several young men sitting across from him looking at him in what could only be blatant hostility.

'Now what?' Austin thought, his anger beginning to flare again.

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