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   Chapter 355 Building Prestige (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6310

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All the ghost fires surrounded Austin and exploded at once. The ignition of each one set Austin's whole body to flames.

However, there was not even a single strand of panic that could be seen on Austin's face. He even smiled coldly at them. It was then that a golden light appeared and engulfed him, giving him the best protection.

Those ghost fires, deadly as they were, could do nothing to harm Austin.

They seemed to have confronted their mortal enemy.

A few moments later and whatever was left of the flames evaporated.

There was nothing left of Austin's clothing.

Series of deep breaths resonated all over the place as the audiences were all dumbfounded.

They couldn't believe the horrible nightmare happening before their eyes. How could this be possible?

How could a regular guy defeat a warrior from the medium stage of Earth Realm with just a single move?

More so, Austin didn't even bother to use anything more than just his human strength to defeat the fat woman's ghost fire.

That explained why Austin was so arrogant and proud. The young man's body was simply indestructible. He both had impenetrable defense and super-human strength. There was no doubt that he could easily crash and destroy anyone who was from the medium stage of Earth Realm with just one move.

Young as he was, Austin must have been cultivating martial arts before he was even born for him to make such impressive progress in such a short period of time.

He chose to build his body to the maximum extent rather than refining his vital energy.

Body refining took less time and effort than cultivating vital energy. In addition, many other methods could quicken the process of body refining, such as taking spiritual drugs or soaking the body in a special bath. Many warriors thought little of the body refining skills and despised any warrior who used them.

ng attacks from warriors of the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

Besides, he also owned a flesh body that was capable of handling 8, 000 kilograms of strength. Same as this beast!

He wondered what would happen if he chose to attack them first. Moreover, he was suddenly curious if his body could take an equally strong attack just like what this Wolf-meteor Fist had.

Austin hated to expose his other unique skills.

It would be worthless to defend himself and argue with the other warriors there since they already considered him naive and obsessed with body refining.

Being adventurous had always been one of Austin's good natures. After he made up his mind, he acted without any hesitation.

He didn't believe that a warrior of the medium stage of Earth Realm was capable of blowing him to death.

His vital energy cultivation at the premium stage of Earth Realm actually made him capable of neutralizing some of his enemies' attacks.

Calmly, Austin clenched his fist and stretched his arm. He then released a strength of 8, 000 kilograms and without a word, punched the wolf pouncing upon him.


The banqueting house trembled a bit, throwing some of the cups, plates, knives, and chopsticks off the table.

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