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   Chapter 354 Building Prestige (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6035

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Austin came along with Reuben to his palace where Reuben gave a banquet and welcomed Austin. However, during the dinner, three strong young men and a fat woman suddenly stood up and attempted to challenge Austin.

However, he still couldn't understand why Reuben didn't stop them. It seemed as if Reuben only wanted to see how he would deal with the situation.

Honestly, the cultivation base of all the young people around the table had already reached the Earth Realm. Austin's cultivation base was ahead of most of them since he was already at the premium stage of Earth Realm. He also had used his Magical Aura-changing skill to hide the fluctuation of his vital energy and real cultivation base.

These men and women looked down at Austin since he seemed to be too young to have cultivated senior levels of martial arts.

On the other hand, most of the audiences were eager to see Austin make a fool of himself by confronting the three young men and a woman at the same time.

'Haha! I was under the impression that this dinner was held especially to welcome my arrival. It turns out I'm wrong.

It's fine. I know that I can't talk with any sense to warriors. It's only after winning that people will listen to you. Only the best warriors can give orders and expect his orders to be obeyed.

I have to teach them a lesson if I want to stay here, safe and sound, ' Austin thought to himself helplessly.

With these thoughts in his mind, Austin decided to focus on fighting and winning as they were the things he needed now. Being kind and nice to everyone could be futile at this point.

He couldn't just stay as the weak and elegant Austin at this situation. Thus, he had to show his other side, the ferocious and aggressive warrior. It would be pointless to hide his ruthlessne

d calm as he watched countless feet covered with ghost fires approached him. All that could be read on his face was his contempt for this woman's useless skill.

It was just a few seconds before the fat woman's feet touched him that Austin suddenly stretched out his hand and stroke her feet, releasing a strength that was more than 8, 000 kilograms. His movement created a gale that was strong enough to tear the air between them.


Came a deafening sound.

A pair of feet and a pair of hands collided violently, followed by cracks coming from breaking bones.

Not a split-second and the fat woman's painful scream was heard.

She had fractured her feet!

Worse, the impact of what happened sent her flying away. Blood spurted from her fractured feet as broken bones could be seen. She tried to stand up but failed. She did it again but it was useless.

Meanwhile, countless locusts were flying across the room towards Austin. No, they were not locusts at all but ghost fires. Ghost fires could engulf and destroy everything they touched and there was no way to prevent it. With the look of it, it seemed that Austin was really destined to die here. Burnt to toast.

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