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   Chapter 353 Let’s Fight If You’re Not Convinced

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The warriors of the Bloody Hero Gang, headed by Carter, followed the voice. Fury flashed in their eyes.

Austin tilted his head to look at the young men.

They were about 20 years old, fair-skinned, mostly at the medium stage of the Earth Realm.

Almost everyone in the group was swollen with inordinate arrogance.

"Oh, they are the disciples of the Peripatetic Sect," Austin muttered to himself.

"Well, I know you are strong, but you are not strong enough to occupy all the top three slots. Do you really think there is no other talent in the Violet Orchid Empire apart from you?"

Even the warriors of the Bloody Hero Gang feared the members of the Peripatetic Sect.


A young man belonging to the Peripatetic Sect laughed disdainfully.

"Since ancient times, the Peripatetic Sect has been the most powerful in the Violet Orchid Empire. If you don't believe me, just wait and watch!"

Austin's brow furrowed as he listened to their conversation.

He thought to himself, 'All the outstanding warriors from every famous sect will attend the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games, so the competition must be very fierce. It won't be so easy to defeat all the young talents in the Violet Orchid Empire and make it to the final three.

I'm strong enough as I have reached the premium stage of the Earth Realm at such a young age, but the young geniuses of other sects can't be underestimated. I have to look before I leap.'

In addition to the young men of the Peripatetic Sect, there were also other warriors from other sects in the tavern. Soon after the Peripatetic Sect and the Bloody Hero Gang quarreled with each other, the disciples from other sects also kicked up a rumpus because they supported different candidates, so the tavern was full of noise.

However, the imperial capital city was governed by strict law, so the warriors didn't dare to fight with each other, but still parted in discord.

Austin silently ate all the dishes on the table. He patted his stomach and felt half full. He got up, paid the bill, and left.

It was evening when he left the tavern.

The rosy dawn was like a dream, and the starlight was like a poem.

Warriors from different places were rowing on the lake, talking cheerfully with each other.

Mists and waves stretched far into the distance. Beautiful girls were singing merrily and dancing gracefully, entertaining their guests.

But Austin was not interested in such debauchery.

He took out a note from his pocket, on which there was an address.

It was from the teenager that Austin had met in Peace Town. He had asked Austin to assist him in the imperial capital city six months later.

That was why Austin had come to the imperial capital city. He asked passersby about the address and once he was satisfied, he strode away in the direction that had been pointed out to him.

Before long, a large palace-like building came into view.

Hundreds of stone steps led to its brilliantly illuminated hall. From the bottom of the steps, one couldn't see the scene in the hall.

Many ancient trees were planted along the steps, making the hall look imposing as ever.

Austin couldn't help but wonder, 'What a splendid house! That teenager must have blu

ing them as they had done him.

They all had calm breaths and sharp faces. Some had scars on their faces; some had lost their eyes, ears, and noses; some were fierce-looking; and some had swarthy, rough faces. To sum it up, most of them looked ugly.

Surprisingly, all of them had reached the preliminary stage of Earth Realm.

"Austin, they are also my distinguished guests. I had to try very hard to get them to join me. Together with you, they will help me complete my great cause," the teenager explained.

"Right. It's time to tell you my real name. My name is Reuben Qin," the teenager introduced himself.

"Hi, Reuben," Austin greeted Reuben politely.

Before Reuben could say anything, three strong-looking young men and a woman with a large head and big ears stood up at the same time.

The woman said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "My lord, I heard that you had recruited a sect disciple in Peace Town. But he's so unexpectedly young and inexperienced, like a suckling baby. My lord, you should know that you will contend with other princes for the throne. Why do you recruit such a good-for-nothing boy?"


The other people in the hall burst into laughter.

"My lord, let him go! Look at him. He's too frail to stand a gust of wind. How can he fight?"

Reuben was embarrassed. He explained to Austin in a low voice, "I'm so sorry, Austin. These warriors are capable. They know no fear of death and kill people like flies. They are arrogant, unyielding and beyond control. Well…"

As a matter of fact, Reuben had an axe to grind.

He wondered how Austin would solve this problem. He was too smart not to jump at the chance though.

Austin's lips hardened and an angry mask shadowed his face as the other warriors looked down upon him.

Soon a vicious sneer curled the corners of his mouth.

He spat out, "You're mere rabble!" He then turned to Reuben and said, "My lord, this bunch of bums can't help you achieve what you want. I'll eliminate the dregs which will only waste refinement resources today!"

After a pause, he gave the others a look of death and added, "Let's fight if you're not convinced."

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