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   Chapter 352 Outstanding Talents Exchange Games (Part Two)

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Although I have such a high cultivation base and can be an outstanding one among the young cultivators of the Violet Orchid Empire. But I yet to reach the vistas where I can proclaim to be the best one. The one I know, Caden of our Bloody Hero Gang is really powerful and I am not sure if I can defeat him.

At the most, I can try my best to secure a position in the top ten or even the top twenty. I will feel elated if I can have a place in front of so many powerful cultivators," the man replied to the first one.

"Oh? I never knew you were so modest! And that too, with such a high cultivation base. No wonder our seniors have chosen you as the most important disciple," replied the first one.

On Austin's right side, the group of cultivators was in high spirits yet well-behaved. Each one of them was young, about twenty years of age. Apparently, they should belong to a good sect.

Hearing their conversation, Austin learned that they were all cultivators from the Bloody Hero Gang.

The Bloody Hero Gang was one of the five huge sects in the Violet Orchid Empire, with almost the same strength of the Sun Sect.

"What you said is right. The Outstanding Talents Exchange Games is held by the royal family and it must attract all the young cultivators of the Violet Orchid Empire.

It is said that the purpose behind the royal family holding the Game is to help the young and deserving cultivators. If they want to enhance our strength of learning martial arts better, they should pay much more attention to youngsters.

Keeping that in mind, the royal family has made the rule that the age criteria for all the participants in the Game has been restricted to be under twenty-five years of age.

And all the awards of this Game will be offered by the royal family. The royal family owns an unfathomable amount of treasures that could amount to hundreds of times more than an ordinary sect! The awards are really amazing and I think all the culti

alents Exchange Games can win the award of a palace in the area of the royal family's control. This is just what I need at this moment.

Okay. So I will take this opportunity to fight for the championship.' Austin made up his mind quickly.

"Haha! Of course, there will be one position among the top three belonging to our Bloody Hero Gang. I vouch for Caden. He is so powerful and has a good possibility to enter the top three."

"You are right. After all, our Bloody Hero Gang is one of the five big sects. It is normal for the disciples of our sect to secure one position out of the top three."

As the disciples of the Bloody Hero Gang were boasting about themselves…


Suddenly, around the left table, a young cultivator with strong aura made a strong remark, "Since when did Caden of the Bloody Hero Gang become someone? In my eyes, he just obtained fame for hollow!

He is not as strong as so many disciples of our Peripatetic Sect. It's only us, the disciples of the Peripatetic Sect can have the capability to cultivate real talents. All the other sects are only small ones.

In my eyes, all the top three positions will be occupied by the disciples of our Peripatetic Sect for sure!

Don't think of yourself to be a great cultivator, you ignorant young people!"


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