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   Chapter 351 Outstanding Talents Exchange Games (Part One)

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On arriving at the gates of the imperial capital city, Austin put away the Eagle Wings and stood in the line for the inspection before entering the city.

The elongated queue in front of the city gates stretched far along the street owing to the large mass of more than ten thousand people. The mixed bunch of people from varied origins was waiting to get access to the imperial capital city. Austin stood there looking forward, his gaze fixed to the city gates and rather nonchalant towards the noise that came from the crowd behind him.

Austin heaved a sigh as he waited for his turn. The imperial capital city was a really prosperous place.

Austin carried a very polite, peaceful and impressionable personality with a friendly demeanor. He hid his own cultivation base most of the time with Magical Aura-changing Skill. So he appeared to be an ordinary person without any vital energy inside his body.

Even the inspection soldiers could not suspect his hidden skills. They took a glance at him and allowed him to pass the city gates.

As Austin took his first step inside the imperial capital city, the cool breeze brushed across his face. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened his eyes once again with a spark of contentment in them and a bright smile on his face. Evidently, he felt excited.

He knew that the imperial capital city was the center and the most prosperous place of the Violet Orchid Empire.

In the Violet Orchid Empire, the deciding power lied in the hands of the stronger ones.

This was a place where strength was given optimum importance. Whether one was noble or not depended on his own strength.

In other words, the imperial capital city, where the loyal family lived, was the martial arts center of the Empire.

The imperial capital city was home to numerous powerful cultivators who had the capacity to control the top five sects of the Empire.

What the royal family possessed was way beyond all the sects. They had many resources much ahead of people's imagination. So they could keep

a lake. He ordered some food and began to enjoy the food by himself. After a long journey, this was the first time that he had got the opportunity to relax and take rest.

Most of the guests in this restaurant were cultivators.

Most of them were cultivators from the community of martial artists and they were talking about the different techniques in the martial arts field with vivid expressions.

These cultivators were oblivious to the surrounding and the people as they were engrossed in discussing the subject of their interest.

Austin was listening to them while he was eating.

"Mr. Zhuo, our Bloody Hero Gang has sent fifteen talents to participate in the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games including you. You have been at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm at such a young age. Moreover, you have learned level three palm intent. You are really a talent that we count on. I wish you success in the games. May you obtain the championship! Cheers!" someone from the same group said to another young man.

"Haha. What are you saying? That's too bold an estimate for a cultivator like me. You make me feel ashamed. I know my cultivation skills very clearly. Each sect of the Violet Orchid Empire has sent out their most talented disciples and all of them will strive to obtain the championship. It will not be easy for me to get it.

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