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   Chapter 350 Arrived In The imperial Capital City

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Austin suddenly realized that both Dwayne of the Flaming Sun Valley and Abbott of the Blood Wolf Team had come here for him.

Dwayne had already reached the premium stage of Mysterious Realm. Austin was clear that he stood no chance of winning against Dwayne and Abbott.

His only option was to leave as quickly as possible. He transformed himself into a shadow and rushed toward the imperial capital city.

... ...

In a place about 1, 000 meters away from Austin...

"Abbott, are you sure that this is the direction Austin went in? We have been chasing him for a couple of days but he's still nowhere to be seen," Dwayne said anxiously.

"Elder Dwayne, I'm sure he went this way.

I have sent hundreds of soul-chasing mice to find him and all of them found Austin's smell at C Village, which suggests that he must have stayed there for some time.

Soul-chasing mice are the Blood Wolf Team's secret weapon. They're unique to us and they're even better than hounds when it comes to sniffing out targets. I'm pretty sure that my soul-chasing mice will lead us to Austin. Besides, he must have gone through this rugged mountain road," said Abbott confidently.

Suddenly, Dwayne froze, as if he had heard a significant sound coming from far away.

"You're right, Abbott, your soul-chasing mice are amazing. My spiritual sense just found Austin. Right now, he's on the run about 1, 000 meters away from us."

When Abbott heard Dwayne's words, his face lit up with a smile.

"Are you sure? It seems that Elder Dwayne's spiritual sense is superior to mine and found Austin before I could. Wait a minute. I'm going to contact my soul-chasing mice."

With those words, Abbott closed his eyes to communicate telepathically with his mice.

All of a sudden, his eyes shot open, filled with excitement.

"You're right, it's Austin's shadow! I have five soul-chasing mice chasing after him. I've ordered them never to lose sight of him."

"Abbott, you're the boss. Let's creep up on him and kill him before he even knows what's happening. I'm going to avenge my son.

But remember, we have to be really quiet. Austin is really cunning and he has somehow gotten a pair of wings.

If he realizes that we're coming after him, he'll use it to escape as quickly as possible."

Recalling the way Austin had escaped from Sun Mountain last time, Dwayne frowned.

"You're right. Let's sneak up on him and give him a surprise attack. We'll deal with his wings then."

Abbott nodded in agreement.

The two warriors of Mysterious Realm jumped up into the sky and soared like birds toward Austin.

Warriors of Mysterious Realm used their rich life vitality to soar quickly through the air.

Although they couldn't fly as flexibly as real birds, they still had a significant advantage over regular warriors running on the ground.

... ... ...

However, Austin had already sensed the movements of those two warriors and realized that he was their target. The one thing he knew for sure was that he didn't want to fight those two competent warriors at the same time.

So, he used his Wind-commanding Skill and began running as quickly as a galloping horse.

"That bastard seems to have sensed something. He's suddenly running away! Has he realized that we're chasing him?"

Abbott shouted.

Right now, the two warriors were just 800 meters

hing in his mind.

"It's worth a shot. Austin murdered my son. I want him to have a taste of the sorrow of losing someone he loves deeply.

By the way, your words reminded me of something important. Before Austin left Sun Mountain, he asked Theon, the Sect Leader, to protect Evan and Herbert. I guess Austin must care about them very much.

We can get our men to arrest them and get word to Austin about it. Then, he will stand before us and confront us."

Dwayne roared with laughter. They had finally found a way to catch Austin without using too much effort.

... ... ...

Austin, who was unaware of what Dwayne and Abbott were plotting, flapped his wings and flew toward the imperial capital city.

He had stored a large quantity of superior vital energy crystals inside his Space Ring, so he didn't need to worry about the consumption of those crystals. On his way toward the capital, he replaced the crystals several times, consuming dozens of them in the process. Finally, he found himself looking at the walls of the imperial capital city.

The formidable walls stretched out as far as he could see.

He had never seen such grand and magnificent walls before.

There were flags flying on the walls with some ancient words written on each and every one of them—Grand Imperial Capital City.

A moat of several hundred meters in width and ten thousand meters in length surrounded the city. Above the moat were several drawbridges through which people could go in or out of the city.

"So I finally get to see the imperial capital city. This is where the royal family of Violet Orchid Empire lives. It's such a grand and magnificent city."

Austin sighed, marveling at the intimidating walls. Having lived in villages and small towns his whole life, Austin had never entered a city before.

He landed in a clearing in the dense jungle and withdrew his wings. Then, he took a short break before stepping toward the gates of the city.

When he saw the soldiers standing guard there, he realized that he would have to be frisked by them before being allowed to enter the city.

He walked through the drawbridge and approached the gates. Then, he saw that there was a queue of people waiting to get inside.

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