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   Chapter 349 Killing Augustine

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On his way to the imperial capital city, Austin suddenly found himself face to face with Augustine, a core disciple of the Flaming Sun Valley.

Augustine had already learned a level six sword intent. Also, from the vital energy that Augustine used for his blade intent, Austin realized that his opponent's cultivation base was at the premium stage of the Earth Realm. That wasn't going to be too much trouble since Austin was also at the same stage.

Augustine was calm and composed in front of Austin and it looked as if Austin was doomed to fail.

After a few minutes of looking at each other, Augustine threatened Austin, "You bastard! I am going to use the blade aura and cut you into pieces."

Blade aura perfectly copied the soul of blades and was a mighty and gorgeous tool. It wasn't easy to dodge it.

"Fizz! Fizz! Fizz! Fizz!"

Every time the aura traveled, the surrounding air was cut into pieces by its sharp blade intent and a sound like someone crying in pain was heard. The leaves that lay dead on the mountain path were carried by the fierce wind that came with the invisible blade and were ground into powdery dust. Even large bushes found themselves cut into pieces.


The aura headed for Austin directly. It was flying at an extremely high speed and looked like it wanted to kill everyone in its path.

"Ha ha ha, Austin, I don't even need to use a level 6 blade intent to kill you. What I am doing is taking up less than two-thirds of my energy. You would have been a goner had I utilized a level 4 spell too."

Augustine laughed loudly. However, once the real fight began, his eyes became filled with madness and his breath began to speed up. In fact, with time, his anxiety grew and he had to gasp for breath.


Austin froze for a moment.

He could see that Augustine was crazy about fighting and it was going to be hard to stand up against him since his favorite pastime was to practice his skills. Also, his strength was clearly outstanding.

However, Austin was also crazy about practicing, wasn't he?

Furthermore, the blade aura Augustine was letting of a level 4 blade intent, and not at his full strength. Austin decided that his sword intent could be used against this aura.

Without any hesitation, he drew his sword at the very moment his opponent's level 4 blade intent appeared.

His superior sword was drawn so rapidly that it could not even be seen. It was surrounded by a sharp sword aura which hit against the blade aura like a meteor tearing the sky.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! … …"

The spot where the blade and the sword auras clashed into

ances, and resentment.

He never understood out how Austin could ruin his level 6 blade intent till the moment he died.

Augustine was at the premium stage of Earth Realm. His spiritual sense power never came into being. What's more, even though he had practiced blade aura for a long time, he was ignorant of several other skills. Therefore, he lost.

"Well, what a genius! But luckily, with my current spiritual sense power, I can easily stand up against a level 6 blade intent from a warrior at the premium stage of the Earth Realm now.

If Augustine had known a higher blade intent, or if his cultivation base of vital energy was just a level stronger, my spiritual sense power would not have ruined his blade intent.

I really should start learning more about swordsmanship. Otherwise, I will fail next time if I meet someone who knows a higher level blade intent."

Austin concluded, looking at Augustine's eyes.

Then, he looked at the Space Ring on the middle finger of Augustine's left hand. He picked it up and took it into his hands.

As a principal disciple of Flaming Sun Valley, Augustine was sure to have a fortune. . . .

Oh, no!

Just after taking Augustine's Space Ring, Austin suddenly felt that something dangerous was catching up to him.

He released his spiritual sense power and scanned a radius of about 3000 meters.

About 1000 meters away, about a dozen people were heading for Austin. An elder man was leading the company and giving out some torrid air which felt like a volcano eruption. Where he passed, all the water in the air seemed to evaporate.

There was also a middle-aged man surrounded with a deep aura and with his eyes full of cruelty and deceit.



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